How To Fix Problems found in Family Tree Maker 2019

If you are facing Problems found in Family Tree Maker 2019, this is just the blog you need. Here, we have discussed all the related problems, such as how to repair issues while entering a tree in FTM 2019 and Family Tree Maker 2017 issues that users encounter using FTM. Moreover, if your file is not working and you want to repair it, or if you’re facing a problem with your Genealogy Maker software or have queries related to Whether Family Tree Maker 2019 syncs with ancestry or how to split a tree in Family Tree Maker 2019. Then you can always contact the experts at +1-888-257-3335.

Furthermore, this blog will help resolve many problems in FTM 2019, as you will find all the solutions to every related FTM software issue mentioned here. Therefore, to determine if the solution is appropriate to the problems faced, you must read along carefully.

Note that this blog is specifically created and applies to FTM genealogy Maker for PC, Windows, and Mac.

Problems found in Family Tree Maker 2019

First, you must remember that to perform any task, you must create a complete backup of your files for safety purposes before proceeding with the procedure.

IMPORTANT: Also, remember the Family Tree Maker software will not work correctly unless your system meets the installation requirements. See below to know about the system requirements for FTM 2019:

For those using Windows, it should be as follows;

For Mac users

You may still experience issues with the old installed FTM genealogy Maker even after meeting all the system requirements. Well, this is because, in family tree software, various types of errors are also mentioned below.

How do you repair issues with Family Tree Software 2019 or the current version?

Some common issues that occur while repairing FTM updates are as follows;

  • Issues with file damage occurring during a family file
  • Merging old and new files
  • Improper shut-downs of FTM genealogy
  • A corrupted file
  • Damaged data inserted into a file

All the above can cause many errors when it comes to merging, reporting, importing, exporting, etc. So, to be able to repair a Genealogy Maker file, you will need to go through the instructions mentioned below, as updating the FTM software might be helpful in such a situation.

Do you check for updates on genealogy FTM software?

You should know that Family Tree Maker is generally updated to repair issues and improve the products. Follow the steps given below to update your FTM software:

  1. You would first need to click on the ‘Help‘ option from the menu bar assistance button.
  2. Next, select the ‘Check for Update option from the drop menu.
  3. Then, your FTM software will check for updates automatically.

Error: If you have made a mistake that says ‘You must be logged on as an administrator’, then you can click on the following instructions, which say ‘You must be an administrator’.

Solution: The immediate solution to resolve this issue is to right-click on the FTM icon, and then you need to click on the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

FTM software occurred with an error or stopped working:

Error: There are two general problems. “The genealogy Maker has encountered a mistake and wishes to close.”

  • ‘Family Tree Maker has stopped working’ error usually occurs when the Genealogy Maker 2019 FTM files are uninstalled and reinstalled or when a patch has been installed to the pre-installed software.
  • If the previous configuration causes the errors, you can click on resolve the issues.
  • FTM software stopped working error.
  • Family Tree Maker crashes or is not opening.
  • When specific files crash, or close unexpectedly in FTM, an error is caused. And also if there are multiple times of installations/updates done over corrupted files.

Solution: Hence, you should try to update or reinstall the FTM, and you should try not to back up your data. Let us now go through how you should do it;

Uninstall and Reinstall the FTM genealogy Maker

Only uninstalling and reinstalling the software can often help resolve several issues and make the whole manual setting default. So, if a little effort does not work, you should reinstall the program. Or you can visit Family Tree Maker Helps for further support.

If you continue seeing errors and have already performed uninstalling and reinstalling the FTM program, you would need to uninstall manually. This could help remove all aspects of the program from your PC; you need to follow the given steps;

  1. Firstly, you must go to the application settings.
  2. Then, look for Family Tree Maker software.
  3. After that, you need to uninstall FTM entirely from your system.


As recommended, you should reinstall the program within the clean boot mode after you have manually uninstalled the program. You will find the instructions to do the same in the next section.

Choose to perform a clean boot menu and clean the system files

Error: You must already know that when the system starts, it starts with some application. Some application causes are on auto-run mode, and they begin with the boot-up. Therefore, you need to check your startup application list and remove any inappropriate apps found, as it also causes the system to slow down.

Moreover, loading your computer during the clean boot can also help to troubleshoot many of the issues that occurred in FTM 2019.

Learn how to perform a clean boot using Windows.

  • It would be best to use a Windows clean-up tool to help clean the temporary files and trash items.


When you are done following the above instructions, you should be ready to use your FTM 2019 software. But suppose you still face any problem related to the program’s installation with the old or newer version of FTM. In that case, you can contact the Family Tree Maker help support at any time at the provided number +1-888-257-3335. The well-trained techs will assist you in no time. They guide you on ‘how to use Family Tree Maker 2019 or where to buy Family Tree Maker 2019. Furthermore, you can also choose to connect with us via the ‘Live Chat‘ support.