How To Deleting A Family Tree From Ancestry Account

Deleting a Family Tree

If you want to Delete a family tree from Ancestry, first you have to log in to the Ancestry account. Before you start the removal process, you should know that when you remove your tree from Ancestry, it will remove all people, events, photos, stories, and records.

How To Delete Family Tree from Ancestry?

If people, events, photos, stories, and records were already on Ancestry before you attached them to your tree will remain on the Ancestry website. If any other member of the Ancestry has copied them to their tree, it will stay on the Ancestry.

The tree name, after you remove them, will continue to appear in search results until family trees are next indexed on the site. Anyone who tries to search your removed tree will find it in the search results but will not be able to see it. They only get a message telling them that the tree is no more.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • How to Delete family tree that you created
  • Remove a shared family tree

Deleting A Family Tree That You Created

  1. Log into your Ancestry account
  2. Next to the HOME tab, click on the TREE tab
  3. Select the family tree you want to remove from Ancestry
  4. Click on the name of the tree and then click on Tree Settings
  5. You will get a pop-up with the disclaimer that you cannot reverse the removal process. Click on Delete your tree.
  6. On the other pop-up, you must enter the password to remove the tree from Ancestry.
  7. After you enter the Ancestry password, your tree from Ancestry will be permanently removed.

Remove A Shared Family Tree

  1. Click on the TREES tab, and click on Create and Manage Trees.
  2. Then click on TREES SHARED WITH ME.
  3. You will find the choice to remove the tree from the list.
  4. You can click on OK to confirm the removal of the tree from the list.

Once you remove it, it will be removed from your account, not from Ancestry.

Now, We hope that the abovementioned information and guide are helpful. It will be removed from your account, not from Ancestry. However, in case you face any problem while Deleting a family tree from Ancestry, you can always contact the specialists at the Family Tree Maker Support Number. And the team will definitely give you the best resolutions that are reliable.

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