Top 4 Best Genealogy Software in 2022

Best Genealogy software

Are you looking for The Best Genealogy Software programs? If yes, then you can read this article. We have tried to compare a few Top 4 Reputed Genealogy Websites so you can make the decision.

Some of the Best Genealogy Software

Well, nowadays, we know that modern genealogy software has many useful features for almost every field, ranging from part-time to just starting out as an experienced professional. However, having too many choices out in the market, it’s not always that easy to decide which would be the best family tree software so that you can build and manage your tree, right? Hence, in this article, you will be explained the 5 topmost genealogy software, so head over and have a look at what genealogy software you should use for your research.

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 

Did you know that MyHeritage Family Tree Builder is known to be one of the most powerful and feature-rich genealogy software? This is because it allows its users to build, manage, as well as explore their family history without any hassle. Furthermore, it provides several benefits which help to make it an absolutely ideal choice for beginners and advanced genealogists.

Main Features and Benefits included:

  • Compatibility and Language Support – this software is available in 40 languages, and this is what makes it accessible to a wide audience. Moreover, it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Easy to Add Family Members – adding family members or importing the existing genealogical records in GEDCOM format can all be done in a jiffy. 
  • Multimedia Support – you get support with the addition of photos, documents, and other media files for individual profiles.
  • Advanced Privacy Settings – you can customize privacy settings this feature for individual family members or events.
  • Map Integration – this enables you to view your family tree on a map, showcasing the geographical locations of various life events, which helps to make it so much easier to research specific locations.

RootsMagic 9

There is so much you would love about RootsMagic 9 as it is comprehensive genealogy software that allows its users to discover, organize and share their family history easily and with complete accuracy. It’s used and loved by both beginners and professionals. It offers a variety of powerful tools that help to manage family records, create various reports and charts, visualize relationships, maintain evidence-based conclusions and collaborate with other researchers. Furthermore, the innovative technology combines an intuitive user interface that has robust features that help to facilitate a rich and rewarding genealogy experience for all users of different skill levels.

New features included in RootsMagic version 9:

  • Associations – This feature lets you show a non-family relationship between individuals in your family tree, which enhances research potential by examining how friends, associates and neighbours impact one’s family history.
  • Enhanced Color Coding – you can now create and switch between multiple colour code sets, label their colours, as well as assign them to groups of individuals. Hence, this flexibility enhances data visualization and makes it easy to identify patterns within your family tree.
  • Improved Note Editor – this feature has improved performance and functionality, which includes a built-in spell checker and streamlined editing capabilities.
  • Enhanced Properties Report – the software also offers a comprehensive database properties report, which provides detailed information on a user’s family tree data. Hence, it allows you to delve deep into their data and identify if there are any potential issues or patterns.

Legacy Family Tree 9

One of the most comprehensive genealogy software is none other than ‘Legacy Family Tree 9’. It is designed for individuals so that they can organize, find, share and preserve their family tree. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it even easier for users to trace their ancestry as well as discover new information about relatives.

Innovative features and enhancements in the latest version:

  • Smart Search and Hints – now, with its billions of records from key websites, the software searches for new information, pictures and stories about ancestors automatically, which provides you with valuable insights into their lives.
  • Cause of Death Charts – you get to analyze trends in your ancestors’ medical history as well as the causes of their death, which helps you understand their health and longevity better. 
  • X DNA Color Scheme – In addition to Y-DNA and mtDNA charts, the new version 9 includes the X-DNA colour Scheme; this shows the inheritance of the X chromosome across generations.
  • Find a Grave Tool – with this feature, you can easily search and link ‘Find a Grave’ memorials to your ancestors, which enables you to access additional information in no time. 
  • Stories Feature – You can record and share stories about your ancestors using this feature, as well as add details, citations and photographs to your family tree.
  • Chronology Comparison – this tool lets you compare two individuals’ timelines and highlight differences and similarities quickly so that you can determine if they are related or not. Online Trees Online Trees – maker is the most user-friendly tool that lets you connect with your family history and discover your lineage. This tool is specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use even if you have limited information about your family history.

Key Features

  • Easy to Start – You can right away start building your family tree with just one name. Nevertheless, the more information is added, the more detailed and comprehensive your tree will become, with each name serving as another piece of your family story.
  • Ancestry Hints – when you start building your family tree, you will see that Ancestry Hints appear in the form of leaves. You should know that each hint is a potential discovery that can lead to new information about the family history.
  • Access to Records and Community – with, you can access billions of records and a community of millions of fellow family history seekers. Hence, this massive resource can lead to unexpected discoveries like finding a well-known relative or photos of great-grandparents.

MacKiev Family Tree Maker 2019

Very popularly known genealogy software Family Tree Maker (FTM) is inclusive and developed by Software MacKiev. It allows its users to discover their family history, preserve their legacy, and also share unique heritage. This software is specifically designed to be intuitive as well as user-friendly, which makes it even easier for beginners to grow their family tree with just simple navigation, tree-building tools, and integrated web searching.

Furthermore, for advanced users, the software offers a variety of sophisticated features, options to manage data and also several charts and reports.

Some amazing features: 

  • Tree Building and Synchronization – Do you know that with FTM, you can build your family tree quickly and easily? You can also use the single click synchronization with, which provides hints from Ancestry and FamilySearch.
  • Interactive Timelines and Maps – this feature lets you view the history timelines and interactive maps, which provide you with a visual and chronological perspective of your ancestor’s lives.
  • Turn Back Time – This allows you to track and undo your last thousand changes, enabling you to correct mistakes easily.
  • TreeVault Cloud Services – this ensures that an up-to-date copy of your tree is securely stored in the cloud. You can also view changes in your FTM tree in real time using your smartphone or tablet.
  • AlbumWALK Media Player – you can preserve your memories that are contained in old photo albums with interactive talking photos and SoundSpot recordings.
  • Rich Color Coding and Charts & Reports – with the new version of FTM 2019, you have rich colour coding and a variety of colourful family tree charts and reports, which provide you with a snapshot of your family tree and also help in planning future research.
  • Photo Darkroom – here, you can do simple editing using editing tools that can also help to restore old photos that fade beyond recognition.
  • Media Organization – the software provides tools that help to manage media faster than before, allowing you to add photos directly from iPhoto, scan images directly into your tree and also create slideshows.
  • Companion Guide – You should know that FTM provides you with a free digital PDF guide that gives you a step-by-step tour of the program and all you can accomplish by using it.

What you must look for when purchasing a genealogy software program:

  • The program should be an easy-to-build family tree without any hassle.
  • GEDCOM capability – you must see if the program can import data from the website where you have your online tree located.
  • What kind of reporting output does the program have, and does the program meet your needs? This would be important for you, especially if you are working on a family narrative or book.
  • Does the software offer tutorials or a ‘learning Center’ especially for new users or an online forum so users can connect and learn?
  • Store photographs about your family, from ancestors to a newborn baby.
  • Lets you link to informational websites such as or
  • It should allow you to create a family chart or ancestors report, which can help you show your work at a family reunion.
  • What type of software version- has it been updated recently or not? In case the program has not been updated in a long time, then it could also mean that the developer is no longer working on the product, which could result in bugs that may not get fixed easily or no new features will be added.
  • Does the product offer you a ‘Free Trial’ period? This would make it easy for you to try it out before deciding to purchase it.

 We have indeed provided you with the topmost and most accurate information. Therefore, we trust that you will find all you’re queries regarding the best genealogy software sorted out right here in this blog. However, if you still need any further details or have concerns related, then you can contact us directly at the Family Tree Maker Support toll-free number +1-888-257-3335. And the well-trained genealogists will be available to assist you according to the needful. 


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