Ancestry Tree View Settings

Last updated on June 15th, 2023 at 03:24 am

Ancestry Tree View

In this blog, you will learn how to get clean and More Detailed Ancestry Tree View. To view the family line of someone in your tree, click on the person in your tree, click the tools menu and select View his/her family tree.

  • Firstly, log in to account.

  • Click on the person for which you are doing the research.

  • In the center, you get LIFESTORY, FACTS, GALLERY, HINTS.

  • In LIFESTORY – text into readable format, scroll down to see the events in the timeline fashion. You can also see some images, as you scroll down. This is the clean view.

Facts in Ancestry Tree View Settings

  • If you go over to the FACTS – it gives more details like birth, marriage, occupation, where the person lived in different time frames. In the center column, there are citation for the source materials for the specific person like parents and children.

  • In the SHOW menu, you must select Family Events and Alternate Facts. It gives different facts like  the primary one on the top left and the alternate facts just below it. For example, one fact has birth date and the other one has birth date and address too.

  • Further, to know the source of the fact just click on it and it will show the sources in the second column.

  • Subsequently, if you click on the highlighted source it gives you the option to view the source in detail.

  • After that, the Name and Gender on the top left it gives different records for person’s name presented in various records.

  • Moreover, if you click on one the name, likewise it will highlight the source of that name.

  • When you click on the source it shows the record in image.

  • In addition, some of the sources may come from ancestry member tree where some has contributed to the source of that person. However, information may not be available in other sources. Above all Under the associated facts you may find from where the information came from.
  • In conclusion, the above are the two tree views in for a person on which you do research.

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