sync your Family Tree Maker 2017

We have tried to explain better ways of syncing your family tree 2017.B


If you are ready to sync your tree, you should compact your tree first (it shortens your file size). A short file size gives you less error than the bigger size of file. When you compact your tree, try to compact it several times until it shows reduced by 0%, do remember to check the box that says, “extend analysis”. If there will be any error, it will fix it.

Take a Back up

Before you start syncing your tree, you should take a full manual back up. If anything goes wrong with sync or the data you have, you will not loose all your data. You will have back to go back to, and you will not loose any of your information. You should make sure to check the box that says, “including media”.

Syncing time

You should try to sync your tree early morning of the next day. If you have started working on your tree and finished doing everything and now you are ready to sync your tree, then you should try to upload your tree to ancestry next day early morning. Or you should try to upload it late night. These two are the best time according to us.

Way to sync

You should always sync your tree manually. You will have an option to include media. Automatic back up does not cover media option and this will not save your media. Please remember not to change your tree name or tree file. If you will change and try to sync ancestry will create a different tree on their sever or website and you may get confused later.

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