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Family book creator is a plugin for Family Tree Maker software. Users get help to create book. Do you have family tree maker software? if yes then You can get a plugin to create a book and use it. Do you want to can generations, Person’s facts, and images? If yes, then this plugin helps a lot. You can print out your books and show them to your family reunion. This is fun to talk about your ancestors.

User can use family book creator plugin if they have family tree maker software, so you can use it with software

FTM17 or FTM19 will allow you to use this plugin. Please know, your windows must have these formats mentioned below

  1. RTF
  2. DOCX
  3. DOC
  4. PDF
  5. EPUB

are you planning to use this plugin? So you should know, you can print out both side of book and get the book binding done. it will be easier for you. People can create book using this plugin with the data you have in your family tree maker software. If you add new people to your family tree. Your plugin will be updated automatically. besides, it will also help you automatically to update people in the book and people will be renumbered. Without any extra efforts, you can easily set up the Family Tree Book to let you and others enjoy your genealogy.

There are many features of the plugin, few of the advanced features are listed here: –

Family Book Creator can directly access the information stored in the FTM database since the plugin is firmly unified.

  1. It supports the output of documents in multiple formats. Also, in platform-independent formats.
  2. Plugin update all the content that you put in your family tree maker software.
  3. With the help of this plugin,You can break the long documents in smaller ones to work on each document in detail. So you will have better book for people to read.
  4. There are predefined styles which are used for the text sections in the narrative report.
  5. Stipulating the resolution and quality of the images is possible. So You can alter size of the document.
  6. Helps in faster course-plotting between parents and their children in the generated documents, by generating the hyperlinks. So it is easier for user.

Family book creator support multiple language, so it will be easy for user:-

  1. Danish
  2. Dutch

III.    English

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Italian

VII.    Norwegian

VIII.    Spanish

  1. Swedish

If you are not able to use family book creator and you think you need an expert help, You can contact us anytime so our technician can help you. If you call, you will get instant help so call our Family tree maker support number.

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