Introducing Family Tree Maker 2024


We will be showing our new Family Tree Maker 2024 edition. Here, we will be INTRODUCING FTM 2024; you can read FTM 2024 New Features, Price or many more. We know it has been a while since we introduced any significant new edition. So, keep it with our usual tradition of not charging for software unless we believe it is worth paying for. Hence, we are happy to present FTM 2024 to you.

Everything you want to know is mentioned below, so you must read this page thoroughly. You will find that the latest Family Tree Maker 2024 focuses on connecting you with your relatives who can quickly help you fact-check your tree, with parents, siblings and cousins so that you can record their memories while taking photos. Moreover, you can even connect with mentors, teachers, and our staff, who are always ready to share everything with everything they know.


So, if you are looking forward to upgrading your FTM, you should consider doing so today. This is because, for only three days, the new edition is a super bargain, starting at 9.95 for just the download copy.

Furthermore, it has been 35 years since Family Tree Maker was first published, and without any doubt, each edition has taken this grand old brand to places its creators could have only dreamed of. This is the platform where relatives can review your trees on their smartphones, where the interface grows in the right places to go easy on the eyes, and where Mom’s wedding album becomes an interactive documentary in which she can speak her mind just about each of her guests. This is where a built-in family history resource centre has precisely just what you need. There is so much more in the new Family Tree Maker 2024. And we are sure that you will enjoy reading this without wasting any more time.

Remember: Three Days Only! So Hurry! Try pre-ordering FTM 2024 in the next 3 days, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to save 60%.

What is new in the latest FTM 2024 Edition?

Connect Workspace

Well, connecting super efficiently with your relatives is simply an idea so big that it gets its own space. Hence, the new Connect Workspace feature makes it a snap to share your family tree with your relatives and enlist their help in fact-checking it. Users can start by viewing your tree using the FTM Connect mobile app for Apple and Android devices (see below for example). Moreover, if they find something to share with you, they can add a ‘Relative Hint’ sticky note to the tree. Now, that is not all; through the magic of TreeVault, their sticky note icons show up instantly in your FTM tree and the Index, just next to Ancestry and FamilySearch hints. As your network of helpful relatives keeps growing, the unique ‘Connect Workspace’ automatically tracks their progress. So now it is just time to get connect!

FTM Connect 2.0

Do you know that a greatly expanded FTM Connect app helps connect with your relatives? First, you have Guest Access, which TreeVault enables, ‘Guest Access’ lets you send invitations to relatives who want to view your tree on their phone or tablet. Then, when they do, they will find even more information from your FTM tree using this version, which includes ‘Relationship, Person and Research Notes, and Web Links. Besides, for some funds, there is also direct access from the app to our Family Tree Maker collection of famous trees – from Alexander Hamilton to Luke Skywalker and Walt Disney to Game of Thrones. Let us know what trees you would like us to add.


There is a specific name for AlbumWALK, the ‘game-changer’ for capturing memories in photos. This was built around our very first technology patent; it is a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to record memories and embed them in a photo using the tap-talk technology to create interactive talking pictures. You only need to tap a face on an image and talk about that person.

Then tap on the next and talk, and so on. After you have finished, AlbumWALK will create a mini-documentary with professionally scored background music, which you can play back in the media centre of Family Tree Maker 2024. Moreover, to move album files to your trees, AlbumWALK relies on TreeVault and, t,  on t the way to your media collection, puts an up-to-the-minute backup of your AlbumWALK photos and albums in the TreeVault cloud. Once it is in FTM, you can easily view talking picture files in a built-in album.

Easy on the Eyes

This feature is frequently requested: ‘Can’t you do something for my poor, tired eyes?’ Wells is now available! Easy on the Eyes is simply one thing: it also enlarges areas of the People workspace while you are working in them and then puts them back to standard size. Therefore, you can go ahead and stop squinting now. You can even see how ‘Easy on the Eyes’ works by watching the related video of the feature in action.

New Photo Darkroom Tools

In the family Tree Maker 2017, repair tools were introduced for damaged photos, especially those that faded over time to be almost blank. This was named collectively Photo Darkroom, but in FTM 2024, the tools have been greatly expanded, which you can have on hand to rescue old family photos. This includes cropping and a range of new repair tools to help you remove dust and scratches. In addition, with the first set of Photo Darkroom tools, the original photograph is always save unchange.

Resource Center

The thought of building a resource centre inside Family Tree Maker has been going on for a while now. And now it is available… get to know everything you can find there. You get resources of all kinds to help you with your research. You can connect with a professional to take your research to the next level, or a mentor can help you get start. Moreover, you can also find the nearest Family Tree Maker user group or get everything you need to start one. Also, check out our tour calendar for free webinars and do not forget the discounts negotiated just for you.

Co-Pilot 2024

You must also know that the ‘Co-Pilot’ program started with FTM 2017 to ensure that each new user of Family Tree Maker got off to a good start. It is still the concept behind our Co-Pilot 2024 program, but it has now been vastly expanded to include the growing number of mobile apps that comprise the Family Tree Maker ecosystem. You should have a look at how this fantastic feature works.

Furthermore, two days after the launch of FTM 2024, there was a brief offer of the diagnostic test; this can tell if you had a great flight or if there are other things we can start addressing immediately. You will also be offered help if you want it with getting TreeVault set up, making the first Connect Workspace mailing to relatives, and creating the AlbumWALK page. It is free, fast and utterly optional, so you should be all cleared for takeoff.

Still Need Queries Answered?

If you need to know more about upgrading your Family Tree Maker 2019, you can directly pose your questions to our friendly Family Tree Maker Support at +1-888-257-3335 Agents anytime. Besides, you also have the Live Chat option to connect with highly skilled techs. Click the Live Chat button or go to ftm—Support/chat.