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Last updated on July 10th, 2024 at 07:21 am

Are you one of those users looking for a quick review on Mac Family Tree Software? Then you will be happy, as you have found the perfect place to get started. Mac Family Tree 10 review is an attractive and innovative genealogy software suite. Hence, it is an excellent choice for users worldwide because it offers many different language options. In this blog, we will discuss this application’s features and see how it can help you build up your family tree better.

Mac Family Tree is the best genealogy program for Mac

Are you aware that you can discover and experience your personal history, explore your origins, your ancestors, and even how your family has evolved over timcourseell? MacF, Family Tree 10 offers you a wide range of options to capture and visualize your family history. You can also search for the free FamilySearch archive, which contains billions of genealogy entries. Moreover, you can even continue your research on the go by using the MobileFamilyTree (available separately) for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.

Besides, it does not matter how you want to document your findings; Mac Family Tree 10 is just the perfect genealogy companion you would love to use. The program even allows you to display your relationships in reports, visually appealing charts, and the innovative Virtual Tree 3D view. You could also invite other users to contribute to your family tree in real-time by using the free ‘CloudTree Sync&Share’ feature.

How do you research, discover, and visualize Mac family tree software?

MacFamilyTree has always offered support and assistance to all its users across all aspects of genealogy. Whether it is from research to data entry, evaluation, or visualization, Here, you can easily add media like photos and videos and document places where significant events may have taken place; in addition, you also get to have fun with the way MacFamilyTree turns all facts and figures into fascinating history lessons. It would be best if you browsed through MacFamilyTree’s wide range of diagrams, view reports, or even explore your family history on the Virtual Globe, and you’ll learn why it is the perfect tool for your genealogy needs.

Some Special Features included family tree software for Mac


There are several ways how you can feed your family tree with information. If you need to import GEDCOM or MacFamilyTree files, you can go on a free journey of discovery via the integrated FamilySearch function. You could also enter what you have learned from your memory, conversations with relatives, or old documents. The MacFamilyTree 10 version offers an entirely new edit section that combines the best of two worlds. Moreover, you can see all the essential facts about persons or families at a glance or even add further details comfortably.

Learn all about CloudTree Sync&Share – Get to sync your trees or collaborate with other users:

From the early days of MacFamilyTree, we have received one specific request from our users: ‘ How do I collaborate on my family tree with other family members?’ Hence, regarding these concerns, CloudTree Sync&Share has opened up a new era in digital genealogy – and there is no doubt that MacFamilyTree 10 and MobileFamilyTree 10 have raised the bar even further. It is way faster and more powerful than ever before.

Furthermore, you can work on the same family tree with unlimited MacFamilyTree and MobileFamilyTree users in real time, simply with no additional cost. Nonetheless, any changes made to your tree will be transferred and available to all the other users you invite within a few seconds. In addition, Apple is popularly known for placing the utmost priority on data protection. CloudTree fulfils these standards since it relies on Apple’s iCloud infrastructure.

Best Family Tree Software: Exclusively Developed only for Mac

This software is too fast, reliable, smooth, and a feast for the eyes. You will immediately notice that MacFamilyTree is simply a native Mac application that is exclusively and perfectly explicitly tailored for Mac. It is developed for macOS, MacFamilyTree harnesses where the advanced and powerful core technologies of Apple’s latest operating systems are used. Well, as you bought a Mac for good reasons, you have all the right to expect software that’s at home on the Mac.

Thanks to that, we cannot forget about utilizing the latest Apple technologies. This is because the interface is as smooth as can be, regardless of the many animations and interactive elements. Moreover, the impressive display of the ‘Interactive Family Tree, the Virtual Tree or the Virtual Globe is possible only if you use everything the Mac platform has offered. This is one of the most potent genealogies that generations of chroniclers have only dreamed of!

Apple – MacFamilyTree is the App of the Year!

Can there even be a more lavish praise than being named as ‘App of the Year’ by none other than Apple itself? Well, that is just exactly what happened; MacFamilyTree has won what is probably the most essential award one could receive in the entire Mac world. Since MacFamilyTree has already earned the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award on the Mac App Store this year and now an even more prestigious award following along has made it more powerful and valuable.

As per Apple, MacFamilyTree is a particularly inspiring, innovative, and high-quality app that has achieved extraordinary things in its 35-year product history and jor releases. Of course, we must not forget to thank you, our dear customers, as without your loyalty and support, this journey would have never been possible.

24 Years of MacFamilyTree: The best genealogy software for Mac ever!

Are you aware that MacFamilyTree celebrated its 25th birthday this winter? Yes, we have also released ten versions and an almost infinite number of minor updates since then. Moreover, you can look at the exciting history of MacFamilyTree—one of the top genealogy programs for Mac since the release of the first version in 1998. There is also an image of each version available to check out how the user interface has evolved over the past 25 years.

Languages and System Requirements for Mac Genealogy Software

Do you know that MacFamilyTree is available in 16 languages? Yes, you’ll see that the user interface, which includes all buttons, labels, and menu entries, adapts automatically to the language settings in your Mac’s System Preferences. The current languages are mentioned below;

  • English,
  • German,
  • Danish,
  • French, Chinese,
  • Finnish,
  • Italian,
  • Dutch,
  • Portuguese,
  • Russian,
  • Spanish,
  • Swedish,
  • Hungarian,
  • Polish,
  • Norwegian,
  • And Czech.

You must make sure that these system requirements are met, as MacFamilyTree 10 requires macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher (macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura, and macOS Sonoma are wholly supported). So, to sync between different devices, an iCloud account is required. You can look up MacFamilyTree, as it is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.

Mac Family Tree 10: A Quick Review

As you must already know, MacFamilyTree 10 was completely reworked to meet the needs of family historians. It features many new tools and a new, easier-to-use interface. Even though its look is modern and sleek, it is as simple as can be to navigate. Besides, you can also enable the dark and light modes, colour code, and tools all from one page.

You should know that editing is based on lists, so when you select a person from a list, you can fill in a profile form to record details about their life. However, if you have a long record or a great deal of information to document, speech-to-test features are available. This feature helps to limit the entry timing and records your impressions of the document just as you see it.

You can also decide how you would like these profiles to display. In addition, you can use a whole set of forms to edit, allowing for a large-scale view of your facts and details.

The program also contains three innovative tree views. First, the ‘Interactive Tree’ has a 3D view that allows camera panning. It also features more efficient ancestors numbering and attractive lighting modes. The supported referencing systems include Henry, D’Aboville, and Kekule/Sosa. One of the most exciting things is that the ‘Interactive Tree’ view feature provides a more expressive view of your ancestors, only using symbols and colours.

What is the cost of Family Tree software for Mac?

MacFamilyTree 10 is exclusively available to download using the Apple AppStore. The price is usually $69.99, but it is currently available for $39.99. In addition, you can download a free demo on Synium Software’s website, the software’s parent company.

Moreover, the mobile app is available for $14.99, a significant discount from its usual price of $29.99. Like the desktop or laptop version, it is exclusively available for download in the Apple App Store.

Does Family Tree software for Mac Sync with Ancestry?

Well, MacFamilyTree 10 does not sync with Ancestry. However, with a registration fee, you can search for records on FamilySearch. Furthermore, you can even add documents you find with citations for deceased persons using the device’s camera.

Hence, if you are looking forward to using FamilySearch with MacFamilyTree 10, you can choose to keep your tree private while adding records. Alternatively, you can upload your tree to FamilySearch to crowdsource what you know.

If you need further guidance regarding Family Tree software for Mac, you can always contact the Family Tree Support Experts provided. The team is available 24/7 and will surely assist you as soon as possible.

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