How to instantly download and install Gramps Family Tree Program?

download and install Gramps Family Tree Program

You can easily download and install the Gramps Family Tree Program on your device. Basically, it runs on Linux, Apple MacOS, and Windows, so move ahead to this article, and in case of any issues while downloading or installing it, contact the experts of Gramps right away.

Download And Install the Gramps Family Tree Program

To download and install it, follow the steps described below:

On Apple MacOS:

  • You must first back up your respective family tree only if you are using an earlier version of Gramps. After that, you can easily go to your device, open the website and then follow the on-screen steps after tapping on the download link. After downloading it, you need to go to the install option for installing it on your respective device.

On Intel 5.15:

  • First, you need to go to the download option, and you need to double-click on the .dmg file to mount the respective disk. Next, you need to drag the Gramps application folder simply. Give a double tap there again to launch it. Or, just, you just need to click there and then hold down the disk icon located at the top of the window of the mounted disk. Also, you can easily drag to the respective application folders, and then you can easily create a new folder that will contain all the files, including README as well as NEWS.

For Linux:

  • First, you need to double-click on the downloaded .deb file quickly. Next, you need to run the respective command there- sudo dpkg -i gramps_5.1.5-1_all.deb. If you find any error, then you need to simply run sudoapt–get -f install to install the dependencies quickly.
  • Also, if you find any trouble related to GTK installation or missing language translation, then in such case, you need to run sudo apt install language-pack-gnome-en. And then, finally, you can easily install the proper language pack there.

Note: You can instantly extend the installed gramps with the help of third-party add-ons for more additional functions.

Thus, after following the above steps, you can download and install the Gramps Family Tree Program. If you still need some help, then you must contact the experts for quick guidelines as well as solutions related to the Gramps family tree program. If you Need Any Help, you can call us at our Gramps Help Number +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live Chat with our Experts.