Descendant chart in Family Tree Maker 2019

Last updated on June 15th, 2023 at 03:23 am

descendant chart in FTM

In this article, We have explained how to prepare a descendant Chart in FTM. With new Family Tree Maker 2019 it is now easier to create your descendant report.

Also easy to create chart and you can customize you chart before you generate the report with many new customization tools which is included with the new FTM17 software like Inserting Picture, increase the size of fonts, chart vertical view etc. With all this many new tools added on the new FTM2017 it’s now easy to create and generate descendant Chat in FTM.

The Steps We Use To Descendant Chart In FTM 2019

  1. Open Family Tree Maker 2017
  2. Load the tree which descendant report we are going to generate
  3. Click on Publish option from the upper tab
  4. On the left hand side we have all the option to choose what report you want
  5. Select chart from the option
  6. Select Descendant chart in FTM
  7. After selecting chart now you can customize you chart view setting
  8. Last this is to generate it

These are the steps that we performed in orders to generate a descendant report of your tree. Also sometimes it takes times to generate report it depend on the number of generation descendant report we are generating.

Please wait until it’s been generated , If you have a good computer configuration then your report will be generated fast. If you have slow computer with low configuration, It will take time.

Tech Support required in some cases :- Call Now

We have seen in some cases, the computer does not respond when you try to generate the process. In these cases, you should call Family Tree Maker support to get help. Our technicians understand your issues and guide you accordingly to get the best support experience. Please chat or call our Family Tree Maker Experts.

Please Follow The Steps Below:-

  • Open family tree maker software.
  • Open the tree and select the person name, you want to create a report of.
  • Please click on the link according to what shown in the picture below. 
  • This is where you will get all the options to change your “descendent chart” box and line styles.
  • You can create different styles and save Them for the future as well.
  • You can change the font size and styles from here too.
  • If you are facing these issues then, you should not use saved settings. Because if saved settings are wrong that means you will keep using the wrong settings.

Then Please Follow The Steps Below:-

  1. Check for windows updates. If your windows update is not working. Please fix them up as your computer files should be up to date. If your windows updates are up to date, then please follow the second step to fix the Descendant Chart issue in FTM.
  2. Press the shift key and hold it down and while you are holding it down, open Family tree maker software. You will have two options select the “temporary default settings”. This will open your FTM in default settings that mean all your settings will be changed and will be back to normal.

If you are facing any issue with your Family Tree Maker Program then you can contact with us our Experts. You can Call us our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207 or you can chat with our Family Tree Maker Experts.