Family Tree Maker 2024 New Features

New features in Family Tree Maker 2024

Here, we will discuss New features in Family Tree Maker 2024. MacKiev has announced that they will release a new version called FTM 2024. The current version of FTM is FTM2019. As per MacKiev, the New FTM2024 will come with significant updates.

Please find the New features in Family Tree Maker 2024 below.

  1. Connect Workspace is a feature that has been added to the FTM Connect App. With this feature, you can allow your family members to view your tree and put notes for you. For example, let your sister or brother know more about someone in your tree. They can leave a note for you about the person. You will be able to view those notes and can work on your tree accordingly. You will have an extra hand to give you more information about your tree. The guest will not be able to edit anything. They can only leave a note or view your tree.
  2. FTM Connect 2.0 is the updated version of the FTM Connect App, which was introduced with FTM2019. In the previous version, you could not let your relative view your tree as a guest. But in FTM Connect 2.0, you can enable as many families as possible, including members of your own, to view your family tree.
  3. Easy On the Eyes is one of my favorite features MacKiev will release with this new upgrade. I have encountered many customers who asked, “Can you not make the font bigger? With this feature, you can enlarge the section you want to see it. If you are elderly and have an issue with your eyesight, this feature is something you will love.
  4. Resource Center – You can connect with professionals and find a mentor to help you through your genealogy journey.

Existing features, which MacKiev is enhancing in FTM2024

  1. New Photo Darkroom Tool – If you have used FTM17 or FTM19, you must know this tool. If you have a photograph that is in a lousy state, you can give it life with this tool.
  2. Co-Pilot – With this feature, MacKiev will allow you, after 48 hours, to run diagnostics on your software so they can fix any errors. 

These are the features that you will get with FTM2024. There are well-known features that you must be aware of.

  • Color Coding
  • TreeVault
  • Charts and Reports
  • Book Creators

Family Tree Maker 2024 will be a significant upgrade from FTM 2019. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at the Family Tree Maker 2024 Support Number at +1-888-257-3335 so we can fix any problems.