Discover the Power of Family Tree Maker 2021: A Comprehensive Guide

Here, you will learn about the Family Tree Maker 2021 easy guide. If you want to create your family tree, then you need to read this blog. If you are one of those users interested in their family, lineage, and history, you have come across the perfect blog. Or, if you have a hobby of storing your ancestors’ information, we have the answers to what you need here. You must be aware of Family Tree Software; however, you might be thinking about what it is about. If so, briefly describe Tree Maker; it is genealogy software installed on your computer’s complex computer. It allows researchers to keep track of the information collected by their ancestors during various types of research. Afterward, it will enable you to store that information in charts, reports, and books.

Family Tree Maker 2021 Easy Guide:

We cannot entirely describe the vast features of this software, but yes, Family Tree Maker’s top main features are customizable. You can add a variety of charts and reports and have various options, such as printing or exporting them in several formats.

You can also back up your files using the Tree Maker software. Since constructing your family tree is a manual process that takes a lot of time, the program will allow you to create backups so that you can easily edit or revert copies.

Moreover, unlike websites such as Ancestry, the Family Tree Maker allows its users to create maps and specify the events that took place in a specific location along with the person’s information, such as their family’s travel history.

Did you know that you can merge your trees and files to expand your family tree?

Now you know that since Ancestry and Family Tree Maker software are similar tools, you can sync them to start merging them, create your family tree, and view sources and citations.

How can you merge two files in FTM 2021?

Are you aware that merging files is a unique way to expand your family tree? Besides, it should also be known to all the users using the same software. You now need to follow the steps below to merge your Family Tree Maker files;

  1. You need to start by opening the ‘Host’ file in the Family Tree Maker software. But you can also create a backup here.
  2. Next, you must open the dialogue box and select the file you want to merge.
  3. After that, you need to follow the ‘Merge Wizard’ instructions and click the ‘Next’ button. Now, you can set the facts for the persons or accept the host records. This process could also be very helpful when you review your files.
  4. When you finish the selections, click ‘Merge’ and follow the remaining instructions. Now, you have successfully expanded your family tree.

How do I share my Family Tree Maker files?

It’s possible that family Tree Maker software would be useless if you do not know how to share it with your friends and family, right?

The following are the steps to export a file in FTM:

  1. First, you would click on the ‘File’ menu and ‘hen ‘elect the ‘Export’ option.’ Next, ‘you need to select the ‘Entire File’ or selected individuals in the individuals’s window to be able to choose the number of people to whom you would like to export your file.
  2. Finally, you must select an output format and review the options. Select your desired settings and click the OK button to export the pane. Afterward, you must choose the location to save the file and click the ‘Save’ button.


You would find using the Family Tree Maker software easy and enjoyable to input your family history. After you have gone through the above steps and instructions, you can easily manage the Family Tree Maker program. However, if you have any further queries or issues,  you can always contact us using Chat Suppor. We will have experienced executives attending to you immediately. You can also contact us directly at the Family Tree Maker support number. You will then be assisted by highly efficient technicians who will guide you with absolutely reliable solutions. They will ensure that you have all your concerns resolved within the shortest time possible.

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