How do you correct mistakes on the FamilySearch Family Tree?

Are you trying to correct mistakes on your FamilySearch Family Tree? Well, you are not far from your solution; in this blog, you will find just what you’re looking for. You would be glad to know that our aim at FamilySearch is not only to have you connect to individual families but also to connect to the human family. However, to accomplish this goal, we surely need everybody’s help.

Correct Mistakes On The FamilySearch Family Tree

Why are changes made in my Family Tree that I have not made?

Do you know that when you use a public or shared tree, other people can add or modify information about the ancestors or relatives they have in common with you?

We already know and believe if more people work on FamilySearch Family Tree, it will grow faster and be more accurate in the long run. Nevertheless, well-meaning users sometimes make incorrect changes to the tree. But there’s nothing to worry about, as you can correct the mistakes you see in your tree.

What happens if a mistake is found in my Family Tree?

The mistakes found in your Family Tree include incorrect relationships, incorrect record attachments or other tedious issues like incorrect merge. However, it is not that big of a problem as every change made in the family tree is archive, and the mistakes made in the tree are also reversible.

What can be done if mistakes keep popping up even after fixing them?

Suppose you have trouble with mistakes popping up continuously, even after fixing them. In that case, you need to know several ways to help prevent individuals from creating any errors in the information after it is correct. In FamilySearch, you are provided with tools that will help clarify information and collaborate with others. These tools include the notes section, discussions, and FamilySearch Messaging.

  1. Choose to give Good Reason Statements.

Now, whenever you make changes, you can also write a reason statement to tell people why you have corrected the information. For example, a FamilySearch user mentioned explaining why she removed a mother relationship from one of her ancestors. Further, she also explained why she merged this person with another.

Moreover, you can find the history of an ancestor’s changes and corrections on their ‘Person Page’ just by navigating to the right side and clicking the ‘Show All’ option under the ‘Latest Changes’ column. Now, when you make changes to the person yourself, you can write a reason statement for making the change. You should see this ‘reason Statement’ appearing in the ‘Latest Changes’ list where others will see it.

It is helpful to know that a history of changes and reasons for these changes help others see why you have made the corrections you did and help prevent future mistakes.

  1. Write a life sketch.

Sometimes, writing a life sketch for your ancestors can also help prevent future errors or misconceptions about your ancestors. In the life sketch, paste in the person’s obituary or any other quick outline of the person’s life that explains the details, which could help prevent future incorrect changes.

For example, you can explain in your great-great-grandfather’s life sketch that he had married a woman with the same name as his previous spouse. This explanation may help prevent others from accidentally assuming that the two wives with the same names were the same woman and merging them.

How you can correct mistakes – if you want to smooth out the wrinkles you have come across in Family Tree, you will find some tools, tips and tricks that will help you maintain accuracy in the information about your ancestors.

Furthermore, FamilySearch is all about connecting you with your family; hence, it provides free, fun discovery experiences and family history services. Why? It is because, at FamilySe,  we cherish families and believe that connection generations can help improve lives now and forever. It is a non-profit organization which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sponsors.

Now that you have gone through the above information. We hope we answer your queries and that you can correct a mistake in the FamilySearch Family Tree. However, if you still require further assistance, feel free to contact the Family Tree Support Number at +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live Chat with our technicians, who will guide you accordingly to the needful in no time.

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