Family Tree Maker 2019

Learn how to purchase and install Family Tree Maker 2019.

Family Tree Maker 2019 is new software by MacKiev. You can either buy this new version or upgrade your pervious family tree maker software. For More information call Family Tree Maker Support number +1-888-299-3207.

What is the cost? is running a discounted rate if you do pre-booking. They will not be taking any more pre-booking after the 17th of May 2019 as per their announcement.


How can I pre-book it?

Click Here! Please click the link and follow the steps below.

Once you click on the link, you will get a screen as shown in the image below.


Please select the first option if you want to download it right now using a link. A link will be sent by Mackiev on your email. Select the second option if you want to download now and get a DVD at home. Select the third option if you want to download now and later you want to have a USB Flash drive back up. Once you select the way you want the family tree to be delivered to you, you need to click on next and you will see a screen as you see in the image below.


Family Pack, This service allows you to use multiple users to use Family Tree Maker 2019 and sync it to ancestry at one place in one account. Earlier Mackive was charging $20 for the same service. You should consider buying it because it is a better price. Click next and you will have another screen with an image shown below.


Since you are getting this service free, you should select it and click on next. After clicking on next you will be on the next screen as below.


If you do not wish to buy (A lot of people buy because family tree maker is easier to use if you have a charting companion), Please do not select any option and just click on next.


This plugin helps you create a book. If you want this software please select it and click next and you will have a new screen as below.


These are the optional services if you want to, you can select these services and click on next and you will see a new screen where you can purchase Maureen Taylor’s E-book, this service keeps your images safe for you.


And the last choice that you will have is to click on order.


Please know, we are not suggesting you purchase any item. It is your choice and you are the only person responsible for any purchase. Please click next and you will have the order page with amount and product description.

Your Order information below.


You can add or remove a product from your cart. Please click on order now to get your Family tree maker 2019 software.


Please fill your order information and you will get a link to download Family tree maker 2019 as soon as it is available.

Disclaimer: We are not MacKiev. Offers shown in the images are just for reference purposes. We are a premium support provider if you have any technical difficulties, please call our Family Tree Maker support number +1-888-299-3207 and we will help you fix the problem.

24 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker 2019”

      1. Will this be fixed? I bought a new computer for ancestry research and the new FTM 2019 and it’s a huge setback not to connect!

  1. I have been away for three months and would like to purchase FTM 2019 whenever it is available
    cannot find location to submit my details to order
    Audrey Parsons

  2. I haven’t received email regarding my upgrade to FTM 2019. I paid for this product in May. I was told I would receive an email this summer regarding how to upgrade.

  3. Hi I tried submitting a chat – but it wouldn’t load.

    I had FTM installed on a Windows computer around 2002-2005. I have all the files saved but no longer have that computer. Is it possible to install the latest version of FTM and just import those saved files?? I now work on a Mac OS Mojave Version 10.14.6.

    I would really appreciale some advice prior to purchasing a new version. I am also interested in paying someone to run me through the whole process as I really want it to succeed. I live in Australia

  4. I believe something bad has happen to my computer that my FTM 17 is on How can I change it to another computer if I cannot get it up and running

  5. There is only a couple weeks left to Summer 2019. Are going to get the release done before the end of Summer2019 as advertised.viously

  6. I have purchased your FTM2019, I would also like to purchase the Companion Guide for FTM 2019, and charge it to my Visa card that you have on file for my Software purchase. Thank you for your help, Gene Cochrane.

    1. I am really sorry to hear that. I will request our support team to get back to you on your email to answer your questions.

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