Error in family tree maker 2019 – Fix!

Error in Family tree maker

In this blog, we have explained how to fix error in family tree maker 2019 so read till end and you will have solution to your issue.

If you are the one, who has purchased Family Tree Maker 2019 and received an email from MacKiev to install the software then this blog is for you.
I am sure, you must have received an email to download your new version of Family Tree Maker software. So, when you click on the link, you will be redirected to verification center. You will need to fill out your information.
Note: you will need to exact information that you have supplied while pre-booked FTM19. If you put wrong email or different email, you will not be able to get the download link. If you are supplying right information, you will be able to get the link.

Are you are providing right information and getting an error in family tree maker 2019?

“Whitelabel Error Page”
“This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this fallback.
Date and time
There was an unexpected error (Type=Not Found, Status=404).
Query did not return a unique result:2;nested exception is javax.persistaence.NonUniqueResultException: query did not return a unique result: 2

Before you contact MacKiev, here is what you should do first to fix error in FTM2019.

1. Use a different computer.
2. Try to change a browser on the same computer or device.
3. Disable your antivirus.
4. Clear your browser cache.

In case these steps do not work, then you should contact MacKiev. MacKiev does not have a phone number to call but the have a chat support service where you can chat with a live technician. If you are not able to follow the chat technician and if you need someone on the phone and fix your issues remotely then you call us.

How to Fix error displaying tree in family view?

This blog has the solutions for the Fix error displaying tree family view. So if you are one of those users. And you are receiving an error message while attempting to view a tree in family view. Then you must be facing this issue due to the relationship in your tree.

This issue mostly occurs when the people in a tree are listed as marrying people to whom they are related to.

The difference between a Family view and the pedigree view: Fix error displaying tree

The tree in a family view has ancestors that extend upward and the descendants extend downward.

Now the tree in a pedigree view has descendants extended to the left and the ancestors are extended to the right side.

So when people are having two roles in a family. Family tree tries inserting them into both the roles. Then in the family view, you will get the result as either the ‘appearance of duplicates. In a tree or an error when displaying the tree together. So when an error occurs. You can opt to either switch the tree to a pedigree view. You can just adjust the relationships in the tree. so in this way, you will have the members related all in one way only.

How to switch to a pedigree view?

In case you do not have any mistakes in the relationships and you would like to keep your tree just as it is. Then you can do so only by switching the tree to a pedigree view. All you’ve got to do is select the pedigree view by giving a click on the link that is in the error message or by just selecting the pedigree view button that is on the left side.

Follow the steps that are mentioned below properly to fix the family tree view:

  • Firstly go to your tree. And then click on the ‘View the pedigree’ link or the pedigree button that is on the left side.
  • Then you need to click on a person whose relationship you would like to change. So to be able to find them in your tree. You got to click the ‘Tree Search’, you will see the way in the top right corner.
  • Now after you have clicked on the person you will have a menu displaying on the screen, there you need to click on the ‘Profile’
  • At the top right corner of the respective profile page. You have to click on the ‘Edit’ button and then select the ‘Edit Relationships’
  • After that right next to the relationship option. You will have to choose to disconnect for which you must click on ‘X’ you should know that detaching two people from each other does not remove any person from your tree; it only removes the connection that is between the two of them. If you find that a person is listed as the mother of the other. And that their relationship was disconnected. Then the mother would no longer appear as a parent for that particular child. And also the child will no longer appear as a descendant of the mother.
  • And now finally from the menu that appears on the screen. you would have to give a click on the ‘Remove’ button.

How to fix error “can not open this file in Family Tree Maker software?

If you are reading this article that mean, your family tree software isn’t working. If you are getting an error that says, “cannot open this file” (This file cannot be opened by this edition of Family tree maker. File was created in older version of software or file is corrupted).

Please follow the steps if you are facing this problem,
hopefully my blog will guide you to fix this problem.

Before you start working on this, please check for this
information if you have. It will be easier for you to fix the problem.


  1. Do you have an ancestry account? If Yes, did you
    upload your tree information to ancestry recently.
  2. Did you back up your FTM file to any external
    drive recently?
  3. Did you back up your FTM to computer manually to
    any different location?

Steps according to question 1:

If you have an ancestry account and if you have uploaded
your Family Tree files to ancestry recently then clear all the files related to
FTM and download tree from ancestry. This is the best way for you. It will
download all your media file and all your tree file.

Steps according to question 2:

If you have back up file on an external hard drive, delete
all existing file that you have on your computer. Insert your external drive
and copy all the data. Import in your family tree as new tree. If you have not
uploaded your FTM data on ancestry and if you have an account with them. You
should upload your FTM file to ancestry. This will make sure, you don’t lose
your hard work.

Steps according to question 3:

If you have backed up your FTM to a new location and if you
are sure of it then Please delete all other existing file and upload the back
up that you have from different location in the same computer.

We hope, you are satisfied with the solutions to fix error in family tree maker 2019. You were able to get all the concerned issues resolved. But if not, then you must contact the technicians’ provided.

We will fix your issues remotely and we are available 24×7 on demand service. Please call our Family Tree maker 2017 software support +1-888-299-3207

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