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Custom report in Family tree

In this blog, you will learn how to Delete Multiple Persons in FTM.

Lets learn and Delete Multiple Persons in FTM

If you see multiple person in your family tree maker with same name. if you have not created them but it was a system generated. therefore you need to delete multiple person. Use any chart in publish workspace in family tree maker. It is always better for you to keep only those people in the chart from your own family. You can work on the chart and narrow down the list. If the chart has list of those people which must be removed, you need to click anywhere over the chart and select “Delete from files>selected persons” in the chart.

You can also select individual person. You can also select all person by holding ctrl and left mouse click. And then delete in same way by clicking on “Delete from files>selected persons”. Before you make any changes to your family tree make, you need to make sure to back up your family tree maker or it may cause data loss. In most of cases FTM data can be found on computer by data recovery experts but this is advisable for you to back up your family tree maker.
This is all for you to fix Delete Multiple Persons in FTM. Please comment and let us know if we were able to help you.

If you are not sure of what is the process or if you are not able to follow the process.

You should always call Family Tree Maker support. To get help for Delete Multiple Persons in FTM. we are 24×7 tech support for family tree maker. This is to make sure you understand this is premium support and we charge for the service. Family tree maker support has been helping customer since years now. Please call +1-888-299-3207.

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Connectivity Issues in family tree maker 2017 Mac Version

Custom report in Family tree

Learn how to fix Connectivity Issues in family tree maker Mac Version. Please note this article is only for mac Laptop and desktop.

Here is some well-known issue that could stop your Family Tree maker 2017 to connect to internet. Please follow the steps as it described below.

  • Make sure you have not selected an option called “Go Offline”
  • Check date and time.
  • Firewall status (Your firewall should allow Family tree maker connection to internet so it can have connectivity)
  • Update your operating system so you will not be using an outdated system.

How to set Family Tree Maker to go online?

  • Click on Family Tree Maker and it will open family Tree maker software.
  • Once you click on file, you will see few options. Please see if it says, “Go Offline”.
  • Go offline mean your software is online and you can click on “Go offline” to go offline.
  • Going from offline to online will fix your issue so be sure if your tree is online.

Upgrading operating system to fix Connectivity Issues in family tree maker.

Click on apple logo to open menu. You will find apple logon on the very top left corner of your computer screen. Once you click on it, you will see an option to click on software update. Please make sure to login to your app store. If you are not logged in to app store, you will not get option to update your operating system.

Way to check firewall status.

Once you click on apple logo, you will get options. Click on system preferences. You will see security and privacy. Please click and see if there are any changes made to your firewall. You may need an expert to help you with firewall settings.

Did you upgrade your Family Tree Maker 2017?

You need to check for the upgrade of your family tree maker 2017. If you have not upgraded, then you should go to upgrade center and upgrade your software. upgrading your software will fix your Connectivity Issues in family tree so please follow the steps.

If none of the steps fixes your issue then please call our support number +1-888-299-3207. One of our technicians will guide you and fix your problem.

How to use color coding in family tree maker?

Color coding in family tree
Color coding in family tree

Color coding is a cool feature in family tree maker. Do you want your tree to look colorful? If yes and if you work on it, then this feature will change your family tree maker look.

Let me guide you, how you can make your family tree maker software look even more beautiful than what it is right now. So follow me.

Step 1. Open family tree maker software by clicking on icon on your computer desktop screen.

Step 2. Click on color coding on the top bar right corner first icon.

Step 3. Select the person that you would like to give color to.

Step 4. You have choices to select. If you want to give color to only current person, then you need to select current person. It will give color to current person as per your selection of color.

Step 5. As you have selected current person, you can give colors to current person ancestors or decedent. You can either choose same color for ancestors or decedent. I prefer same color. If I am current person, I will recognize all my family members with one color. This is easier when you do color coding. so, if you have another family that you would like to give color to, you will be able to do that.

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If you are getting confused about colors and want to clear all colors. You need to click on clear all colors. It will remove all of your colors for the current person.

If you will need any help, you can call on family tree maker support +1-888-299-3207

Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker Helpline – +1-888-299-3207

Custom report in Family tree
Custom report in Family tree

In this blog, we have covered how to create Custom report in Family tree maker. Please follow the steps and you can create your custom reports.

Family Tree Maker has many default reports but when a user wants to get a report with burial records or reports for the dead person with cemetery information. They should always use custom reports.

Before you create these reports, you need to make sure you have enough information about the person saved in your tree. For example, you want to create a report for 10 people or all dead people. You need to make sure to put date a person was born and the dead person was dead and was buried also in the description box, you should put detailed information. When you have detailed information on your FTM, your report will have the proper information as well.

Please follow the steps below for Custom report in Family tree.

  1. Open your Family tree maker software.
  2. Select a tree that you want to work on.
  3. Click on Publish
  4. Please select person reports. You can find custom reports in person report tab.
  5. You can put a name for your report.
  6. Next thing, you need to click on “Items to include”

Note: Items to include gives you option to custom information so you can add what you want to add in your report.

You can add all the facts that you want to add to your report. Select the item and click on okay.

  1. In this step, you need to select the individual person for the report. You need to click on “selected individuals”. You will have a window where you can filter individual.
  1. Click on “Äll Facts”. In search where you need to choose the burial facts and description field. As I said in the start, make sure you have the proper information in description so your report will look good. Select “contains” in the next step and choose the cemetery and click on okay. This will display all individual who was buried in this cemetery.

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If you need assistance for Family Tree – Custom reports, you can try to contact MacKiev or our support line so you can get help. We are premium support and we charge for our services. So please call FTM Helpline +1-888-299-3207.