Family Tree Maker Free – List of software providers

Custom report in Family tree
Custom report in Family tree

If you want to build your family tree maker for free. Then read this blog from start to end and you will be able to build your family tree for free.

List of the company who provides Family Tree Maker free.

Family Historian – Family historian provides 30days trial and after 30days trial, you will need to purchase a license to continue using this software. You can try to use and see if you like this software. Since you are looking for free family tree maker then this will not be a good option. you can check the next software.

MyHeritage – This company provides family tree builder for free but with limitations. You can add up to 250 people only with space limit of 500MB. if you want to add more people, you will need to upgrade to premium service.

RootsMagic – if you are looking for 100% free software then rootsmagic may end your search. Rootsmagic is one of the well-known company who provides family tree maker for free. It has limitations though but what can you get for free. If you compare paid vs free version then you will find all basic features are there. Instead going for paid, you can use rootsmagic family tree maker for free.

Legacy 9.0 – If you are not happy with RootsMagic and you still looking for Family tree builder software for free. You can try legacy family tree 9.0. Remember it also comes with limitations. It has less feature than legacy 9.0 deluxe version but even the basic version has good features included. So the people who wants to use it for free, this app is one of the best program.

Note : There are other software company but either the feature of the software is not as good, This is my persona experience and I do not wish to demean any company.

What if company stops providing free version?

Good question, here is my advice for the user who all using free version of software from any company. You should make sure to take back up of your tree so you will not lose your data. Your family tree maker data is very important as you spend your precious time to collect them. You should also export your tree as gedcom file. This will help you preserve your information in a format that you can use in future. Most of the companies can import gedcom file and you can access your tree.

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Best Genealogy software – Family Tree Maker Support

Custom report in Family tree

Are you looking for best genealogy software? If yes, then you can read this article, we have tried to compare few reputed genealogy software so you can make the decision.

An ancient age, genealogist use to keep their research on paper. It was difficult for people to get all the information one place and keep them organized in a way that they access it in jiffy. You should use genealogy software for your research so you can get your research done faster and it will be organized. There is many genealogy software available so which one should you use. Here is some useful information of these software. Find information below and decide them which you should use.

What should you look for in the best genealogy software?

  • Easy to build you family tree so you will not be banging your head while working on your tree.
  • Record information of your family from your ancestors to newborn baby.
  • Store photographs and other document in your software for reference.
  • Let you link to the informational website like or
  • Export your information or create a gedcom file so if you changes your software, you will not lose your data.
  • Create family chart or ancestors report. This will help you to show your work in family reunion.
  • User can search hints of ancestors and merge into the software.

All these 4 software companies have these features? Yes, then which one should you use. It’s very difficult to say. It really depends user to user. We are putting more information below so it will help you decide.

Family Tree Maker 2019

Family tree maker 2019

Family Tree maker is one of the best genealogy software and all-time genealogist favorites. Interface of this software is good so software lets you build your tree easily. It has predefined genealogy reports that you can create without any hassles. You can also connect your software to or to get hints in your tree when you search a person.

Color coding, this is one of the features added in family tree maker. This feature makes your tree look cool and the best part. You will be able to see the blood line. You can use some plugin to get better experience of this software.

Charting companion plug in lets you create different charts from your family tree software. If you are using Family book creator, it will help you create family book. You can publish it and give it to your family. As per us, this is one of the best software but when you compare the report options with Legacy. They are better than Family tree maker 2017.


RootsMagic Software
RootsMagic Software

This is one of the best genealogy software, you can think of using. Software does not have a lot of feature that you may get in FTM17. It has few features that you will not be able to see in other program. One of its features lets you load a copy of your entire software on USB drive. This is called RootsMagic To-Go. Also, it can let you open multiple data which other genealogy software does not do that. This software does not have a lot of chart options.

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree
Legacy Family Tree

This software has been in the market since long and trust me it has proved its worth. It has inbuilt browser like Family Tree Maker has. Legacy gives you a lot of options to create charges and to print them out. Recently they have added X-DNA chart. This helps user to track if they are from similar genetic or different. If you have two records or same person, you can easily check both data which is not available in Family Tree Maker.

MyHeritage Family Tree

MyHeritage Family Tree
MyHeritage Family Tree

Family Tree Heritage has lot of cons and it needs to have lot of improvements as per genealogist. This software lets you connect to Familysearch, Ancestry and many other websites to get information.

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Family Tree Maker for Multiple Computers – Family Tree Maker

Custom report in Family tree

In this blog you are going to learn how to use, Family Tree Maker for Multiple Computers. Are you planning to use Family Tree Maker for Multiple Computers? If the answer the yes, then you don’t really need to worry about. It’s a matter of fact that the Family Tree Maker license can be used only on one device.

what if you have multiple computers? and you want to use Family Tree Maker for Multiple Computers

Nowadays we are using multiple devices at home like a desktop and a laptop. Sometimes we want to use Family Tree Maker on the Desktop. So MacKiev allows, you to use FTM on multiple devices.

Many times we use the Family Tree Maker on one Windows laptop and on MacBook Pro or iMac. Using Family Tree Maker on other devices requires the license for that device. And getting the multiple licenses is not at all difficult and expensive.

By purchasing the economical Family Pack 3 – Computer License of Family Tree Maker by paying a small fee of $20 to use the software up to 3 devices. The one license is for $69.99 for online download, and Family Pack for up to 3 computers would be for $20 more ($69.99+$20.00=$89.99).

  • You can install it on up to 3 computer.
  • It can be a combination of Windows computers and Mac Computers.
  • In case you are using Family Tree Maker on a desktop and laptop on the same platform with a single user, there is no need of buying Family Pack.

If you already have a Family Tree Makers and you would like to upgrade to a family pack license so that you can use it on up to 3 devices, you can get back to us so that we can guide you to get the Family Pack for Family Tree Maker.

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New features in family tree maker 2019

Custom report in Family tree

In this article we have tried to explain new features family tree maker 2019. As per MacKiev, they will launch this new software end of this summer. We do not have any date that mean you are wanting to know exact date then you should wait till end of this summer.

What are the new features in FTM19?

FTM19 has couple of new features that may interest you. Please find the information below.

  • Every change you make, you can see them on your smart phone and tablet.
  • Full back of your tree and data that you entre in your tree. (TreeVault Cloud)
  • Better color-coding feature.
  • Tree browser (better enhanced search option)
  • Profile picture cropping tool (you can put home person picture and crop it if you want)
  • FamilySearch integration
  • Family tree maker time machine

I am going to explain few of the features in family tree 2019

Family tree maker time machine – Time machine will keep the records of your changes that you have made. In case if you want to review your changes, you will be able to see when you made changes and what all changes you made. Time machine feature wasn’t in previous software. This is a good feature as per me since a user will get to know the changes they made.

TreeVault Cloud Services – MacKiev is giving a year free service of TreeVault. This is a cloud service which will keep your data safe online. So, in case if you lose anything from your tree, you will be able to restore your FTM information back to your software.

There is more feature, we will be posting more blogs for Family Tree Maker user which will help user to know more new features in family tree maker. If you have any questions or if you would like to get premium Family tree maker support from Tane Innovative concepts llc. Please call our toll free +1-888-299-3207.

Features of Family Tree Maker – Family Tree Maker Technical Help!

Custom report in Family tree

learn features of Family Tree Maker. This software makes easier to explore the history of your family, secure your tradition.

Are you new here? so this blog will make you happy tas you will learn more of family tree. And this will help you simply grow your family tree so go right ahead and use this software. if you are skilled you can go for the more advanced tools.

Introduce a digital version of the Companion Guide

build up your tree with reports, photos, charts and more

With the help of FamilySync®, you can Update your tree

see the history of family timelines and interactive maps

build your family tree easily

color coding in family tree maker

Using color coding will change look of your family tree. You can make powerful revelation by applying up to eight colors to a single person in your tree. We hope you’ll like the simple color coding. You can start coloring all the four lines with a single click on four colors of your choice for Ancestors. The first color group is the classic set made famous by Mary Hill.

You can then add color for the particular attribute like who is the professor or who is the businessman.

Now you need to index it and can color it.

How to sync your family tree maker?

It is simple. You can sync your family tree with the help of the laptop. Now if you are thinking how to do that? Well, you know you can link ancestry tree to multiple family tree.

If you have three devices and if they are in three different location, you can sync your tree from all these different location. so you will not lose your data if you working from one location and moved to another.

Know the weather with the sync?

The whether sync gives you the pop up if there is any problem with your system. so before sync your tree, you will come to know there is a problem.

There are three possibilities for it to happen. They are: –

If the sync system is down then you will see the red window

Orange window opens in the case of caution. It makes you know that there may be some problem.

The green window indicates that everything is Ok. You can move ahead and sync your family tree.

The easiest way to recover old faded photos,

If you are a non-FTM 2017 user then you need to switch to the FTM 2017 version. It has a tool which allows you to recover your old faded photos.

The tool makes the old faded photos and makes them print like they were just printed.

Search, Match & Merge in Family Tree Maker

Now you can easily search for the file, match it according to your needs and then merge it so you can make your tree beautiful. Now in FTM 2017, you don’t need to do all the hard work.

More Features of this software

Follow the hints

Now you can search for the file by just hinting something to the software and all you need to do is to follow the link. so it is easy for user and merge information.

Media Organization in FTM 2017

Manage your media easily in the FTM 2017. All your data will be managed with ease in the new FTM. So go ahead and enter your media.

Guide to know about the software

The guide offers here gives you all the information about the software.

Put your ancestors on the map and get access to the satellite view to see the map. so you can place your ancestors where you want to.

More features of Family Tree Maker software.

so here are more features of Family Tree Maker software and detailed information. Please ask your question once you are reading this blog. we will be able to answer your question in next blog.

If you use a family tree maker every day. You are going to love FTM a lot because it allows you to update your family data in the software without any hassle. You can move around the software without waiting on it to load like a webpage. Customize your screen exactly to what information you want to see about any person. You can limit your software to upload your information on the best thing, you can upload only what you want to upload in Ancestry from FTM software. “Don’t have an internet connection?” No problem, you don’t need internet connections to use the software without the internet and update any kind of data. There are a few things that you can do to enhance your family tree maker experience,

Reporting –

There are many ways for you to create reports. You can create pedigree charts and family group sheets, relationship charts. There is even a way you can run the report for an unsaved document. You can also print out these reports. You can also save them as a PDF and send them to your email address. The best reporting in FTM is data error reporting. It allows you to check for little mistakes that you make in your tree. For example, if you typed the wrong date of birth or name, this data error reporting feature will help you a lot. Data error reporting can be printed and can help you correct this small detailing. Which helps you a lot to build your tree faster.

Filters –

As much as you love your family history and research, the biggest challenge one always faces is “where should I start from?”

Filters allow you to narrow down and help you start from. You will know where you have started. You can focus on one thing instead of having too much information to carry together. The possibilities are having too much information, but filters help you greatly. If you have your family tree maker stories. Please share with us and we will update on our website so other people will know and can learn from your experience.For more information, you can also read our previous blog on how to make your family tree maker chart in an easy way

This is all related to features of family tree maker. You can read one of our important blog – Familysync feature and its use.

Familysync in family tree maker – Family tree maker software

Custom report in Family tree

In this blog we are going to learn, what are information will sync and will not sync, when you use familysync in family tree maker. We have mentioned list of the information that will sync and will not sync so you will learn. When you have multiple user then FamilySync helps you a lot. Three users can keep uploading data and that make research easy.

things which will sync when you use familysync in family tree maker: –

  1. Name of the People
  2. Relationships
  3. Sources
  4. Facts
  5. Citations
  6. Repositories
  7. Media

Synced items and not synced items are below: –

FTM 2017 data does not sync up to Ancestry when you use familysync

  1. Private Information ( so do not keep information private)
  2. Source Media
  3. Media
  4. Notes
  5. Places
  6. Facts
  7. Stories
  8. Tasks
  9. Saved Chart
  10. Person Links
  11. Color Coding

Ancestry data that does not sync to FTM 2017:

  2. Pages related to Military
  3. Results belonging to DNA
  4. Photo Tagging
  5. weblink – syncing may affect your weblink
  6. Location
  7. Original Uploader
  8. Documents type or Certificate type
  9. Name on headstone/Birth/Death/Cemetery Headstone
  10. Transcription of text

There are other changes which you must bear in mind with FamilySync in family tree maker

  1. Paragraph breaks disappear
  2. home person is not changed
  3. Media Linked to a relationship
  4. Resolve Conflicts Dialogue
  5. Repositories
  6. New Person
  7. Picture of the person
  8. FTM’s tree and’s tree has same label of Dates, names, places, descriptions.
  9. FTM & Ancestry handle source citation differently so there could be a difference in citations.
  10. Family Tree Maker allows a single citation to link to facts from multiple people. This mean you can not put multiple citation.
  11. Ancestry, online database, do not allow single citation to a single person therefore you will need to be careful when you sync your information.
  12. When FTM Tree is uploaded on ancestry. The tree on ancestry will replicate the citations that are shared with multiple people in FTM so that each person has their own citation in

How to Prepare for FamilySync 101 On Your Computer

The greater accomplishments using FamilySync instead of TreeSync is a user no longer need to break the links.  It is because each Ancestry tree can link to many Family Tree Maker Trees. so it is hence no longer required to break the old link to download a tree to a new device like a laptop or desktop.

When you use family tree maker on multiple device then you need familysync. Say for instance if a user has a daughter and he/she want his/her daughter to use the Family Tree Maker on a different device there is no need to re-upload and download your FTM tree if it’s already linked to an Ancestry tree from one computer. That is going to be a hectic process and time consuming and involves breaking the old link.

Moreover, by using the Family Sync instead of TreeSync, any change to an Ancestry tree, whether from your laptop or mobile device, will sync with your Family Tree Maker tree.

For example:-

When a user installs the Family Tree Maker 2017 on a new device, he/she may think to break the old link and then download a new fresh copy on to your new computer. It is hereby recommended not to do that so do not break old links.

Don’t think of breaking that link to move your tree to a new device. You can instead, make a backup on the old computer and move it to the new computer on a USB flash drive and restore it there.

The right way of doing it is to copy a backup (.ftmb file) to the other computer with a flash drive and restore it. Both copies will be linked to the same Ancestry tree.

In the end, both the tree will be linked to the same ancestry tree and you will be able to save a lot of time uploading the tree and then downloading it.

That’s what is the FamilySync. Multiple devices. One Ancestry Tree.

In case, your Familysync in Family tree does not work or gives you hard time use this service. Here is our family tree maker number +1-888-299-3207 so you can call us.

FamilySearch in family tree maker software

Custom report in Family tree

We will learn in this article. how to use FamilySearch in Family Tree Maker 2017? We have detailed information below how to and for what purpose someone uses FamilySearch with images explaining how you can login.

  • What is FamilySearch in Family tree maker?
  • What is use of FamilySearch?
  • How to use FamilySearch?
  • Features of FamilySearch!

What is FamilySearch?

When you hear FamilySearch. The first thing may come to your mind is, this must be related to genealogy. Yes, FamilySearch is genealogy organization. The genealogical society of Utah found in 1984. The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, later ancestry took over. So now ancestry owns this website.

Use of FamilySearch in family tree maker?

FamilySearch can be used to find family information, records and facts. You can rely on these information as they are provided with proof and facts. If you are using Family Tree Maker 2017 then you can use You can get automatic match suggestions for FamilySearch.

Note: You can always choose between FamilySearch and Ancestry.

How to use of FamilySearch?

To use FamilySearch, user must have Family Tree Maker 2017 need to login to FamilySearch. If you are logged in to FamilySearch within Family Tree Maker, you will be able to get hints from FamilySearch.

Please follow the steps below to use FamilySearch.

To login, please type your user name and password and click on sign in after. You will be logged in to family search in family tree maker.

If you do not remember your password, then click on the link in blue color that says forgot your password. will send you a link so you can reset the password. You can create a password and login to your account.

If you do not remember the user name, please click on link that says username. It will ask you to put your email address and if you provide right email address, will send you, your user name and you can reset your password.

If you do not have an account and want one then you should go to and create an account.

Once you have your account registered with them, then you can login and use FamilySearch in your Family Tree Maker 2017. Isn’t that simple. 

Are you still facing dificulties to get this done. Here is a Family Tree Maker software support number +1-888-299-3207.

How To Use Family Book Creator – Family Tree Maker Helpline!

Custom report in Family tree

Family book creator is a plugin for Family Tree Maker software. Users get help to create book. Do you have family tree maker software? if yes then You can get a plugin to create a book and use it. Do you want to can generations, Person’s facts, and images? If yes, then this plugin helps a lot. You can print out your books and show them to your family reunion. This is fun to talk about your ancestors.

User can use family book creator plugin if they have family tree maker software, so you can use it with software

FTM17 or FTM19 will allow you to use this plugin. Please know, your windows must have these formats mentioned below

  1. RTF
  2. DOCX
  3. DOC
  4. PDF
  5. EPUB

are you planning to use this plugin? So you should know, you can print out both side of book and get the book binding done. it will be easier for you. People can create book using this plugin with the data you have in your family tree maker software. If you add new people to your family tree. Your plugin will be updated automatically. besides, it will also help you automatically to update people in the book and people will be renumbered. Without any extra efforts, you can easily set up the Family Tree Book to let you and others enjoy your genealogy.

There are many features of the plugin, few of the advanced features are listed here: –

Family Book Creator can directly access the information stored in the FTM database since the plugin is firmly unified.

  1. It supports the output of documents in multiple formats. Also, in platform-independent formats.
  2. Plugin update all the content that you put in your family tree maker software.
  3. With the help of this plugin,You can break the long documents in smaller ones to work on each document in detail. So you will have better book for people to read.
  4. There are predefined styles which are used for the text sections in the narrative report.
  5. Stipulating the resolution and quality of the images is possible. So You can alter size of the document.
  6. Helps in faster course-plotting between parents and their children in the generated documents, by generating the hyperlinks. So it is easier for user.

Family book creator support multiple language, so it will be easy for user:-

  1. Danish
  2. Dutch

III.    English

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Italian

VII.    Norwegian

VIII.    Spanish

  1. Swedish

If you are not able to use family book creator and you think you need an expert help, You can contact us anytime so our technician can help you. If you call, you will get instant help so call our Family tree maker support number.

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Descendant Chart issue in FTM – Family Tree Maker Live Technician help!

Custom report in Family tree

In this article, we have explained how to fix Descendant Chart issue in FTM that you may face when you create a descendant chart.

To fix Descendant Chart issue in FTM, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Open family tree maker software.
  • Open the tree and select the person name, you want to create report of.
  • Please click on the link according to what shown in the picture below. 
  • This is where you will get all the option to change your “descendent chart” box and line styles.
  • You can create deferent styles and save It of future as well.
  • You can change the font size and styles from here too.
  • If you are facing this issues then, you should not use saved settings. Because if saved settings are wrong that mean you will keep using the wrong settings.

You can click on the icon shown in the picture below and select default settings.

Once you select default settings, it will erase all your settings and charting will be done as per default settings of family tree maker.

If above options do not work to fix Descendant Chart issue in FTM, then please follow the steps below.

  1. Check for windows update. If your windows update is not working. Please fix them up as your computer files should be up to date. If your windows updates are up to date, then please follow the second step to fix Descendant Chart issue in FTM.
  2. Press the shift key and hold it down and while you are holding it down, open Family tree maker software. You will have two options select the “temporary default settings”. This will open your FTM in default settings that mean all your settings will be changed and will be back to normal.

If this does not fix your Descendant Chart issue in FTM, then you should contact an expert. You can call us as well on our Family tree maker support toll free +1-888-299-3207.

Note: We charge for our services, we have no relationship with Mackiev or ancestry. Please note we are an independent company. Please read our terms and condition before proceeding for your services.

Descendant chart in Family Tree maker – Instant Help!

Custom report in Family tree

How to prepare a descendant chart in Family Tree Maker 2017?

In this article we have explained how to prepare a descendant Chart. With new Family Tree Maker 2017 it is now easier to create your descendant report. Also easy to create chart and you can customize you chart before you generate the report with many new customization tools which is included with the new FTM17 software like Inserting Picture, increase the size of fonts, chart vertical view etc. With all this many new tools added on the new FTM2017 it’s now easy to create and generate descendant report of you family tree files.

The steps we use to descendant chart in Family Tree Maker 2017

  1. Open Family Tree Maker 2017
  2. Load the tree which descendant report we are going to generate
  3. Click on Publish option from the upper tab
  4. On the left hand side we have all the option to choose what report you want
  5. Select chart from the option
  6. Select descendant chart
  7. After selecting chart now you can customize you chart view setting
  8. Last this is to generate it
descendant chart in Family Tree Maker 2017
descendant chart in Family Tree Maker 2017

These are the steps that we performed in orders to generate a descendant report of your tree. Also sometimes it takes times to generate report it depend on the number of generation descendant report we are generating. Please wait until it’s been generated , If you have a good computer configuration then your report will be generated fast. If you have slow computer with low configuration, It will take time.

Tech Support required in some cases :-

We have seen in some cases, computer does not respond when you try to generate the process. In these cases, you should call Family Tree Maker support to get help. Our technician understand your issues and guide you accordingly to get best support experience. Please call our Toll Free +1-888-299-3207.

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