How to Update 23.2 for FTM 2017 – Family Tree Maker Support

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In this blog we have covered ” How to Update 23.2 for FTM 2017. You can update the software if you follow the steps.

  1. FTM 2017 Version 23.0 Build 343 – First launched
  2. Version 23.1 Build 480 – First update
  3. Family Tree Maker 2017 Version 23.2 Build 540 – Second update

The latest update for Family Tree Maker 2017 is version 23.2 update build 540. It has many required improvements which also includes important connectivity adjustments to make sure the recent changes made by and FamilySearch.

however, requires the Family Tree Maker Version 23.0 build 343 or Family Tree Maker Version 23.1 build 480. You should use Family Tree Maker 2017 Version 23.2 build 540 for better performance.

What you get in latest Update 23.2 for FTM 2017 build 540 ( update for Windows: –

  1. New Browser – There is a new secure browser instead od obsolete Internet Explorer 11 browser in the Web Search. The new update also removes the compatibility issues with Ancestry and FamilySearch and gives faster Web Search.
  1. Faster Results – Ancestry media will download after the updated when you do the web merge process. Which results in faster browsing of ancestry search results.
  1. Categories and Collection List Issues – This update fixes categories and collection feature.
  1. Blank List – Now you will not get ancestry blank list after this update.
  1. “File Not Found error” issue will fix when you search for personal details, after this update.
  1. Imperfect Tree – Sync reliability improvement is done and hence the forgiving of imperfect trees and to close the errors related to sync is fixed on the continual basis.
  1. Duplicate Issues – Ancestry duplicate issues will get fix after this Update 23.2 for FTM 2017 .
  1. Media Issues – You are not going to use the adjuster utility when unsyncable HTML media keep appearing in each sync attempt.
  1. Merging Tree – The problem comes up when using the add individuals without merging option and lost tasks, task categories, private attributes for facts and notes are fixed.
  1. Migration Path and Source Media – This update will fix statbility issue and map issue. You can update the software to fix unrelated media as well.

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Know Sync Weather Report and how to use it – Family Tree Maker

Custom report in Family tree

Family Tree maker sync weather report is in built in. If you want to use this feature, please read this blog through and through and you will know everything about weather sync.

Each time you try to sync your family tree. Sync weather reports gives you a weather report. so you will know when to sync your tree? The entire idea is to make sure a user know when it  safe time for you to sync your family tree. Sync weather report gives you a popup message for you to know right time to sync your tree.

We just don’t have to click through (continue sync) without reading the popped-up window. The feature is safe but reading the entire message is important because you would want to be sure when to sync your family tree maker.

You get three scenarios in weather sync report: –

  1. Green: –

When green windows appear. This mean you should ahead and start syncing your tree. This window appears if there is a future sync storm coming your way. When there is a planned maintenance work must be done, the green windows pop up while syncing.

  1. Orange: –

Orange windows appears when there is a warning or caution. You can sync but the weather report messaging system lets you know about the possible problem ahead.

  1. Red: –

Appears when the sync is dangerous since the sync system is down. It also tells about the current outage and not allowing you to sync due to the system is down. And it’s not possible until the syncing system is improved, and outages are fixed.

There are issues like: –

1-    You may see some changes on the ancestry side which you don’t have made. Particularly on your first sync.

2-    Such issues are known and are fatal. It may pick up some time stamps which tells you that what has changed and reporting them as real changes.

3-    This feature also tells you about the situation that we are working on ancestry to fix this issue.

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Release Date of Family Tree Maker 2019 – Family Tree Maker Help

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Are you a family tree maker software user, then you must be wondering and wanting to know about the Release Date of Family Tree Maker 2019 software upgrade.

Here are few things that you should know about Release Date of Family Tree Maker 2019:

Do you use Family tree maker 2017?

Only user who has purchased family tree maker 2017 are eligible to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2019. if you have, then you are eligible for family tree maker 2019 upgrade. Have you not purchased family tree maker 2017? Please go ahead and purchase it first.

Should you upgrade from FTM17 to FTM19?

Right now you have chance to upgrade it so you should. As per our experience after some time MacKiev stops updating their older version of software. This is what happened in FTM14 case. They stopped FTM14 to connect to ancestry and lot of customer was affected by it. You are also getting a good discounted price to upgrade so you should upgrade it. You can still be able to use FTM17 if you do not wish to upgrade it.

Have you pre-book your software license for Family Tree maker 2019?

If you have not pre-book your software license, then you should go ahead and pre-book it. You will get 40% discount now. (This offer is over)

Is TreeVault Services good?

Since it is free with Family tree maker 2019. You should go ahead and get it. Later if you think, you do not need TreeVault then you should not renew it. If you are using ancestry, then I do not think you will need it but as I said later you can decide that.

What does TreeVault service do?

TreeVault keeps a back of your family tree data. If you lose your family tree data. You can easily restore all your file using TreeVault service.

When will it be available?

As per MacKiev, it will be available for user to download end of this summer (End of July or End of August). Please call us at our Family tree maker support help number +1-888-299-3207.

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Update family tree maker 2017 for new features !

Custom report in Family tree

In this blog we have covered, why should you update family tree maker 2017 from 23.1 to 23.2 version. Please read the blogs from start to end for step by step guide.

Or call our Family Tree Maker Support number +1-888-299-3207

New features are added to the software.

Syncing your tree

Sync weather – I am sure, you are aware what is sync weather. This feature tells you when good time for you is to sync your tree to ancestry. Icon and information are clearer on sync weather icon.

Sync progress report – when you sync to ancestry, you will be able to see number of media or person are being synced. This feature was not available in previous version.

Merging information from FamilySearch

If you are margining information from ancestry or from FamilySearch. It will not give you any trouble anymore as the new update has made new changes to make it better.

Family Tree Maker 2017 Performance

We heard of few complaints from customer about Family tree maker crashing while they are using the app. The good new is MacKiev was listening to your complaint and they have tried to make Family tree maker 2017 better with this new update.

Color coding update

Update family tree maker 23.2 has made color coding look better than before.

If you haven’t updated your software, then you should update since it is free of cost available for user who has purchased Family Tree maker 207. Please click on the link to go to update center of MacKiev website.

Please know if you are not able to update software. You can call our family tree maker support number +1-888-299-3207. Please know, we are not MacKiev or Ancestry. We are Tane Innovative Concepts LLC and we charge for our services. Please read company terms and conditions before you sign up for your services. You can comment below if you have any questions.

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How to Reset Family Tree Maker 2017 to default for Apple Computers?

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In this blog, we are going to explain how you will be able to reset family Tree Maker 2017 to default. Please know this blog is only for Mac (apple computers). For windows computer, please read our other blog. Sometimes, if your program does not work properly then you can restore to default. Please know resetting to default will not cause any data lose.

Let’s follow the steps below to reset family tree maker.

  • Click on Go on the top bar of your mac screen on the menu bar and then click on Library.
  • In the Library folder, Go to Preferences and find com.mackiev.FamilyTreeMaker2017.plist. we need to remove this file from the computer. You need to click on the file and hold and move it to trash. You need to make sure you empty your trash folder as well.
  • After deleting this file, you will need to restart your computer.

Note: Please do not delete anything else. If you do delete any of your important file, you may lose them, and you will not be able to get them back. If you are not tech savvy, then you should hire a tech and let them do it for you.

This is how you reset Family Tree Maker 2017. If you have followed the steps as described, you will be able to successfully be resetting your family tree maker.
Remember as I said, you will not lose your family tree data, but you will not see any family tree files there and you will need to register your copy of Family tree maker again. Once you done with your registration. You need to import all your family tree files back to your FTM software.
If you need premium technician service then please call our Family Tree Maker support number +1-888-299-3207 to get help. We would like to tell you, we are not MacKiev support and we have no relation with MacKiev.

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Problem syncing with family tree maker 2017 and fix!

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:-    In this blog we have explained how to fix problem syncing family tree maker 2017. Due to high traffic on the Family Tree Servers sync is affected. It may give you the errors or slow down the sync process. When you face problems in viewing the tree in Family Tree Maker 2017 there is a possibility of you not able to sync your trees as well. It is hereby requested, to wait for some time and try it later.

There are several issues which may come up while syncing: –

  1. Internet Issues
  2. Sync Change Log Issues
  3. Software Issues
  4. Media Sync Issues
  5. Restore Issue
  6. Re-Download Issue
  7. Syncing FTM to Ancestry

Internet Issues

Various internet service providers have different connection speeds. The variation in internet speed may cause a problem with syncing, which however is a natural phenomenon. There are several kinds of internet connections:

  • Dial-Up Connections – Slowest
  • Satellite Connections – Variation in speed
  • Cable Connections – Overall good but may slow down during peak hours.

So, try to opt for the best internet connections available to make sure you don’t have any issue.

Sync Change Log Issues

If you see that the change is considerably huge and which you did not have made in the Sync                     Change log window, you may better contact the technical support for immediate help. Since our experts are well versed with such issues, so they better find out if what exactly is going wrong.

Software Issues

There is some software mainly the security-related software like Antivirus, Firewall, etc. may affect the sync on Family Tree Maker. Since these software checks on downloads and uploads and while syncing Family Tree Maker it may check on those downloads and uploads and hence may block the activity and result in some error in sync. You must contact the technical support immediately. This could be one of the problem syncing family tree maker 2017.

Media Sync Issues

Those beautiful and rare pictures of your ancestors and of course their stories in your family tree sync separately from the rest of the information. More of those photos and stories the longer the sync time would be. You can check media download progress. it could be one of the problem syncing family tree maker 2017.

Restore Issue

The good practice of using the family tree maker is to back up the date periodically. The latest back up should be full and frequent. Persistently having a problem with syncing? Go ahead and restore the most recent full backup.

Re-Download Issue

Don’t have a recent backup? You can go for re-download your tree as a new one. In one of the scenarios, where there is information in your Family Tree Maker that has not yet been synced, but you have had to re-download the tree as a new FTM tree to fix the sync issue.

Syncing FTM to Ancestry

Let’s says you can sync the information but not able to backup or you are not able to upload and link your tree from within FTM. In this case, you would have to contact the technical support number to speak to the expert so you can get best possible solution.

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How to Make family chart in family tree maker software?

Custom report in Family tree

In this blog, we have covered Family Tree Maker Chart. One of the most important features in FTM.

If you are on this blog, then I must say you are a family tree maker lover. You love to make your family tree maker chart and want to know about your ancestors.

Creating your family tree maker chart and organizing it is fun to do but deep down you know it is never easy to manage and organize family tree maker charts. On the other hand, if you are among the ones who prefer to do it manually then it takes a lot of time which doesn’t guarantee you the correct results.

Don’t worry about it. Here we are going to discuss how to make your family tree in an easy way.

If you are a tech-savvy guy then you might found this information easy but if you are not then we will try to explain things as much easy as we can.

Draw Your Family Tree

If you have good handwriting then you can easily draw your family tree in an easy way on a chart paper. Now if you have a large family with tons of information then you need professional software to handle this request.

The professional software provides you with many advanced features that help you to organize your family tree maker chart.

For a better understanding of the software, you can start with the trial version of the software. All you need is to put the information about your ancestors.

The software will guide you throughout the process.

Even if you found any difficulty in using the software, you can contact us for family tree maker tech support. You just need to call on our toll-free number: – +1-888-299-3207

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Lost Family Tree Maker 2017 – Family Tree Maker help!

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This blog explains, if you Lost Family Tree maker 2017 icon from your computer then how to fix it. Please know this blog is for windows and not for Mac.

Please follow the steps below to fix the Lost Family Tree maker icon. If you do not want to work on it and you would like an expert service then Please call Family Tree Maker Support to fix lost family tree maker 2017 icon.

Check the program list if you really lost family tree maker 2017 or not.

  1. Check if your computer still has program
    installed. You may not be able to see the icons if you type Family Tree maker.
    Press the windows key on your keyboard and press R key together. It will bring “Run”
    box. Please type appwiz.cpl and press enter.
  2. This will show you list of the program listed in
    your computer. Please check if you see Family Tree Maker 2017 there in the list.
  3. If you see the program, then press windows key
    once and start typing FTM.exe. it will show you the list of software that you can
    click on.

Reinstallation Process 

  1. Please click on FTM2017.exe and press install. The software will ask you if you have your Family tree files in back up mode or not in back up mode. Do you have data backed up? You will need to back it up, if it is not. if your software gets locked then you can reuse this data to restore your tree. Since the software is already installed. You will get a popup asking if you want to remove or repair it. if you remove it, you will lose your software so be careful.
  2. Please select repair and your tree will be repaired and installed. This is the easiest way to repair your family tree maker software.

Note: after repairing Lost Family Tree maker, you may need to restart the computer and then try to open the software and brows your trees. If you are still facing issues then contact Mackive support. You can also contact our Family tree maker support team and ask for help.

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Browser issues with Ancestry ! Call Tech Support for more information.

Custom report in Family tree

Are you facing browser issues with ancestry? If yes then you should read this blog and get your issue resolved.

Sometimes you want to click on the link and go to and work on but if there is a problem with either your firewall or browser, You will have the hard time to reach to your link on Here are a few things that you should do just to look into it and see if these steps fix your problem.

Cleaning up your internet browser to fix browser issues with ancestry.

Internet Explorer –
Press and hold Windows Key and R together and you will see a small box called run on the screen. Please type in the box inetcpl.cpl and press ok or press enter. You will have internet properties. Please check the box that says “delete browsing history on exit” and click on delete. You will have another popup with a few checkboxes, you need to check all the checkboxes and leave “password” checkbox. If you do check password box as well it will remove all the passwords that you have saved on your internet explorer. Click on “advanced Tab” which is on the very top right corner. Please click on restore advanced settings and click on reset.

You will see another popup on the screen, please click on reset and you are done cleaning up your internet explorer. These steps should fix your fix browser issues with ancestry. Most of the time family tree maker uses internet explorer so I am sure you do not have to clean up any other browser but if you would like to please follow the steps below.

Google Chrome – Press and hold CTRL and H, You will see chrome history. Click on clear browsing data and click on advanced. Check all the boxes and leave password box alone. Click on clear data. This will clear all the cache and cookies from your chrome.

If these steps does not fix browser issues with ancestry and you need help from Family tree maker support or support. You should call on family maker support number +1-888-299-3207 so you can get help. Our professional will look into the issues and fix it for you.

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How to Install Family Tree Maker 2017 – Quick Guide

Custom report in Family tree

Here in this blog you will learn how to install Family tree maker 2017. The earlier version of Family Tree Maker does not support ancestry. The features that connect Family Tree Maker to Ancestry is available in in family tree maker 2017 not with an older version. The features include syncing, hints, search and merge options.

are you using an older version? Now you can upgrade your software without any hassles. You can get discount since you were using an older version. The actual price for the upgrade is $79.99 USD. however, if you are on the mailing list with Family Tree Maker, you are eligible for a $20USD discount straight. If you do not wish to purchase ancestry, then you can use free search service.

How to install family tree maker 2017?

As soon as you upgrade your software from an older version to FTM17. You will get a link to download the software. There are two separate link. You can click on respective version link for windows or Mac. Click on the downloaded file and run it or open it so your software can get installed. You will get steps to follow and you can install family tree maker.

What if I lost my older version?

Don’t worry! I have come across some users asking about what if they are moving on to a new pc and purchasing a new Family tree Maker 2017 upgrade requires to install old FTM on the new machine. The answer is Big No. If you have not lost your data then follow the above steps and import your old data to new FTM17.

One last but not the least point to make a note of.  You don’t need to keep the old version on the machine but if you want to keep it, you should save it into a different folder or may be on any USB flash driver or Hard disk drive or on your cloud account making sure you don’t confuse yourself with the old and new version.

How to Migrate to Family Tree Maker 2017

You must convert your old version software data. There are simple steps to migrate from an old version of Family Tree Maker to the latest FTM 2017. You can open Family Tree maker 2014.1 in FTM 2017 without any conversion. Please follow these steps. So you can move a tree from an older version to the latest version without any problem.

Step 1 –

Open the tree that you want to move and chose the Backup option. Then chose the backup location. If you want to back it up externally, then click on removable media like USB flash drive or Hard disk drive.

Step 2 –

The option of include in backup, select the items like photos or other media, making sure the media files checkbox is selected. In case of the current tree is linked to an online tree @ you must select the allow the restored file to resume syncing checkbox. It helps you to relink the tree automatically on a new pc.

Step 3 –

Now open FTM 2017 and chose the restore option from the menu. Go to the folder/path where the backup file is located and open it. The window that opens enter the name and chose the location for the restored files and clicks on save. In case of your tree was previously linked, click on restore additional options and select the restored file to resume syncing and hit ok. Once the tree is restored, click on sync now. Thats all you will need to do. Now you can use your family tree maker.

Now you have a breif idea of how to install Family tree maker, read more how to share your FTM 2017 in this article.