Print My entire Family tree on a single page – FTM Help

Custom report in Family tree

Have you’ve been looking for some solution to know how to print your entire Family Tree on a single page online and you tried to attempt doing it yourself but could not do so. 

First of all, you need to login to your site. Then, click on option “Tree Tab”. There you have to select ‘more’ icon.

Now, after that, you have to choose the option for ‘print charts and books’.

After doing so, you need to visit the next page. There you can make a new chart.
For making a chart, you would have to first go to the ‘All in one’ chart type. There just include all the individuals to the chart for your tree.

More steps for Print My entire Family tree

Now, after making the chart, you have to go for a single page option for printing purposes. But make sure to print according to your requirement. What I mean is, if your tree is large then select multiple pages. Next, you have to choose the individual to whom you want the chart to be centred around. You can also edit the font, colour, and quantity of facts, by using ‘facts of individuals and ‘chart style’.
For more preferences, you can go for ‘advanced customized options’ which you can easily find at the right upper side of the page.
Finally, you have to select ‘show all generations’ options in your chart.

Click ‘generate chart’ icon and you are done with the process.

Last steps

After creating the chart, an email will come with a link to you by using it; you can download the PDF file, and then you can print it.

You can also go to the ‘My charts’ page which you can find under the ‘charts and books’ sections.

And in case if you want your chart to print professionally by using our service, then just go to the ‘order poster’ link and for saving it, go to ‘view pdf’.

Since you read the blog (Print My entire Family tree), you will be able to start printing your tree. But if you come across any issues then you must dial us right away at Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207 and you will get the guidance of the experts here.

Rename a Family Tree Maker – Family Tree Maker Help

Custom report in Family tree

Are you looking forward to some easy method to be able o rename a tree in your Family Tree Maker software? Then you should be glad that you are on the site as here you will be provided with the exact solution. You just need to read along with this blog and follow the steps as you are guided.

Follow the given steps to Rename Family Tree Maker 2014:

First of all, you need to go and give a click on the ‘New Tree’ tab by selecting it from the plan
workspace area.

Then in the lower-left corner of the current page. You will need to click on ‘Open a Tree’ box
option and then highlight the tree that you would like to rename.

Now you will have to give a click on the ‘Options’ button and after that go to click on the ‘Rename Tree’ that you will see in the drop-down menu bar.

Next on the displayed page. You need to enter the new name of your tree in the fields provided then give a click on the OK button.

You will now see that in the ‘Open a tree’ option the new name of your tree will be displayed.

If you follow the steps below you will be able to rename Family Tree Maker 2009-2012 version:

Please click on the ‘Plan’ button which is on the main toolbar.

Hightlight the tree you like to rename by going to tree section.

Please click on the ‘Options’ tab and then go to choose the ‘Rename Tree’ option from the list provided.

Here you can change or rename a family tree maker. Please make sure to write it down on paper so you will not forge the name you will put for trees.

This is how you can rename Family Tree Maker Tree’s. We hope that you find success as you are provided with solutions that are relevant and accurate. So now there is no need to delay whenever you have any queries or issues that are related. You can feel free to contact Family Tree maker Support Number +https://familytreemakersupport.com1-888-299-3207. One of our technician will help you on the same call.

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Getting ready for FamilySync in family tree – Family Tree Maker!

Custom report in Family tree

If you are looking out on how you should be Getting ready for FamilySync in family tree, and you have no clue how it works. Then here you will find your relevant queries answered. Please read this blog and follow the steps as mentioned. Please find an image below as it will be easier to follow the process. So let us begin.

How to Getting ready for FamilySync in family tree?

We understand change is not good when it comes to technology for user. I can tell you one thing as soon as you are use to familysync, you will forget treesync. Adapting to this means that you will not need to break the links like before. This is so because now every Ancestry tree can link to a multiple FTM tress. Therefore now it is not necessary to break an old to be able to download a tree to a new computer. The FamilySync will sync any changes that you make to an Ancestry tree. And no matter what device you do it from.

Example of the same: Getting ready for FamilySync in family tree

If you would like to install FTM 2017 on a new computer, you may go to break the old link and then download a new copy, right? However, you need not do that anymore.
You just got to make a Backup on your old computer, then transfer to the new computer using a flash drive. Then go to restore it from there.
Both Tree will link to ancestry. This way you will save a lot of time on the uploading and downloading procedure. You’ve only got to get yourself used to it. This is how FamilySync works. You have 3 computers and you want to work on one tree. If you have one ancestry account, it will be easy for you.

If you are not sure how to get a manual backup done on your FTM, then you have an option. You got to take help from this link provided here ‘How to compact and back up a linked tree.’
The link will provide you with easy to follow instructions. And this way you will be able to get a backup ready for your use on multi-computer sync.


We just hope that the information helps you Getting ready for FamilySync in family tree. And if you face any issues or have some other queries then, feel free to contact Family Tree Maker Support Number. The techs will be there right at your service within the least time possible.

Fix missing media and corrupt file in family Tree Maker

Custom report in Family tree

In this article, you will learn how to Fix missing media and corrupt file. if you want to learn about FTB Files then click this link

Here is the steps below to Fix missing media and corrupt file. Media files are also an important element of Family Tree Maker. As it will show you the picture of the index. Also document about that index, Media files on FTM2017 can be .jpeg,. png , .pdf etc.

When this files are missing or corrupt from the source destination or computer. These files won’t show up on tree and instead of it it will create an icon of a magnifying icon on media tab of FTM2017.

When you click on these files we can see it says “file not found”. So before moving your media files from one folder to another. We have to be very careful. We have to mention the new directory to FTM2017 media tab in order to avoid from these kind of problem.

how to fix missing media and corrupt file in family Tree Maker?

You can find the missing and corrupt files of media under Media tab. This is where you will find all the available media and related files of your tree.

Also there is a folder created on you document by default as Family Tree Maker under this folder you can file a folder of media with your tree names. So you can change and modify your media file from here too.

Fix missing media and corrupt

In order to prevent from this kind of problem first of all please do a full back up when your tree is in good shape.
Because in future if any problem come across you can do restore using this backup file.
Secondly whenever you scan your computer for viruses using any anti-virus program, please be careful before you delete or the move the files to quarantine the result of the scan because that file can be of your media too so please be careful for it .

The best way is to keep you tree without any problem is backup of your tree. you should back up your tree, when your tree is on good shape. Please make sure when you do backup you include media and citation as well .
If you need an expert help, You can call our FTM Support +1-888-299-3207.

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Ancestry media sync issues – Family Tree maker help

Custom report in Family tree

If You are facing ancestry media sync issues in your family tree maker. Then take it easy, as your solution is here in this blog itself. You read this blog and you will be able to fix this issue.

How to fix the sync issues of your Family Tree Maker?

In case you have added your own media directly to your Ancestry tree on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. And after you synced this may have caused placeholders in your FTM tree for the particular items.

However, this did not happen when you added media to your FTM tree. This only affected the user-contributed media. Unlike the source media such as the census images.

Other ancestry, source images are downloaded through different procedures that Ancestry says it is unaffected. That if you have added your own media to an Ancestry tree between Thursday & Saturday (causing you to end up with placeholders in your FTM for those elements). Then you’ve just got to delete those particular elements from the Ancestry tree. And after you need to re-attach them again and then sync.

Are you still facing ancestry media sync issues?

Although it has been reported by a number of users that the fixes made by Ancestry over the past days have definitely resolved the syncing issues and the users were able to sync once again. But unfortunately, this has not been the same case for some other users.

This may be that only those users with a real chronic syncing problem that have been troubling for a while, and not problems that just popped –up over the past week.
Well if you are one of those users then you must get in touch with the tech and get assistance through ‘Live Chat’.

How to get through a direct Live Chat?

To get the syncing issues resolved, you can directly chat with the agents provided and they will help you accordingly. But for which you are required reading the sync troubleshooting steps that are recommended, so that you are ready for your chat session.

You need to first go to the link.
Then on the search field enter ‘Sync’ then press to return.
Next, you got to read the articles on Sync Best Practices and Troubleshooting.
Now on the search field enter the option ‘Live Chat’
Go to open the Live Chat article now.
This blog has a direct link to be able to go to Live Chat along with the timings when the desk is open for a Live Chat. We hope by now you have got all the solutions to the ancestry media sync issues. But, if not so and you have some other related queries, then feel free to get in touch with Family Tree Maker Support right away without any hesitation. Here service is available 24×7.

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Download a Tree from Ancestry to FTM (Mac Version)

Custom report in Family tree

Are you searching for steps to be able to download a Tree from Ancestry to FTM 2017 for MAC? Then here we will guide you with the appropriate solutions that are effective. You’ve just got to read along with this blog. The Family Tree Maker 2017 for Mac allows you to download the tree file directly from Ancestry. You only need to link your local and online tree and sync them.

Here is Steps To Download a Tree from Ancestry:-

Firstly go to the upper-right corner of the application window and click on the three-leaf Ancestry. Then from the pop-up menu choose the ‘Download from Ancestry’ option.

Click on link to learn about ancestry media sync error.

You can also go to choose New from the File menu. After that click on the ‘Download from Ancestry’ option. You will be able to Download a Tree from Ancestry to FTM (Family Tree Maker 2017 or Family Tree maker 2019)

Now on the displayed screen. ‘Download from Ancestry’ dialog will open. On the left side, you will see a list of trees in your Ancestry account.
You have the options sort the list of trees by name, date of creation, date of last modification, or status according to your convenience.
If you would like to reverse the sort order Then you can do so by clearing the ‘Sorts in ascending order’ checkbox.
To be able to view a tree on Ancestry before downloading. You need to select the tree from the list and then give a click on the ‘Show Online Tree’ tab.
Then if you want to delete an unwanted tree, you will have to select it first and then click on the ‘Delete Tree’ button.

Note: You need to be careful that you do not delete a tree that may be needed as this is not reversible. To stay on the safe therefore you are recommended to keep copies of your tree.

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Creating Family Tree In Easiest Way – Family Tree Maker

Custom report in Family tree

Here in this blog you will learn about creating family tree and why one should create a family tree. Please read the blog from start to end so you can learn. Please call Family tree maker support if you need help.

A question always haunts, Where did we come from? This question strangely poses another question. And that is, where we are going? Family Tree provides fascinating clues about the family heritage whether it is related to our cultural, political, social, economic and demographical background.

You learn about your ancestors from 10th generation was farmer, 9th generation was politician or doctor or was in war and fought for the country. This evolution has a story and You can create a beautiful family tree. We must be diligent and have enough patience to create a Family Tree online. The available historical records on or similar type of website help us to access the data of our ancestors at a fee. You can also make your family tree maker on these website.

How to start creating family tree?

The easiest way to make a Family Tree is to get a Family Tree Maker software from Mackiev. The latest of the software that fetches data from is Family Tree Maker 2017. In this software, you would have to gather information and then enter the software. You must amass all the photos, stories and documents and get it scanned and save them permanently. The Family Tree Maker 2017 software will also give you the hints and bring out the flaws.

While creating a Family Tree online, you would have to keep the copies of all historical data related to your ancestors. The data on the internet belonging to your ancestors come at a fee. But since these documents are priceless for you, so you should never stop yourself to get such information. This information will enhance the beauty of your family tree project many folds.

Other source of information:

You can collect a lot of information from your relatives for creating family tree. You can seek their help as to fill in the blanks and get documents from them and scan it for your project and return it to them. Adding stories which you hear from your relatives also makes you go along so it can not be forgotten. Without any Family Tree software, there is a chance of you finding this project less interesting.

It is must for everyone to save the photos, documents, stories, etc on an external hard disk drive so to make sure that if your computer crashes for some reasons, you have the data saved.

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Unable to convert file – Family Tree maker old version to new version!

Custom report in Family tree

This article is related to only windows computer – Find information for family tree

Unable to convert file may happen after you upgrade your family tree maker 2017 software. It can also happen when you have moved the FTM File to different location as well. Here is how you can fix this problem that may occur.

  • Check if your external hard drive is still intact. If you have your FTM data on an external hard disc. Follow the instruction below to check the hard drive.

Please press the windows key and R key together. You will get a “RUN” box. Type in the box “C:”. This will bring your hard drive list.

You need to be sure if there was an external hard disc that had FTM data in it. If you do not see your external hard disc attached. Please remove it and plug it back in.

  • Find out if your family tree default location is still the folder you were using before.

To check the default location is selected or not, you need to open Family Tree Maker software. Click on tools and select options. You will be able to see the family tree software location.

  • Please check if your folders are not in read only mode.

How to check If your folder is not in read only mode to fix issue Unable to convert file?

Please click on documents folder. You will see Family Tree Maker folder in document folders. Right click on it and select properties. Select the general tab and you will the box that says attributes.

This may fix your problem “convert family tree maker” if you it does not, we would suggest you call either family tree maker Mackiev support. You can also try to see if any local tech or Microsoft technician helps with this situation. You can also call our Family Tree Maker Software helpline and get help.
Note: We are premium support and we charge for our services. We are not affiliated by Mackiev or Ancestry. Images or names are showing only to relate our services that we provide on Family Tree Software.

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Syncing Merged Tree from family tree maker to ancestry

Custom report in Family tree

In this blog we have covered how you will be syncing merged tree from FTM to ancestry. Are you a genealogist? are you the one who is wanting to find out family information? or someone from your family must have gifted you their tree? anyway, If you have been using family tree maker and now you want to merge your tree with someone else’s tree. Then you are at right place. Please read this blog so you can sync your merged tree.

Family tree maker allows you to merge two trees and give a different name.

For example, A wants to merge tree with B. A can merge and keep the name as AB1 or AB tree or AMB tree. If you want to sync your tree to ancestry, you will not be able to do this. I will explain this to you in detail why you cannot sync with the ID that you have from Ancestry. is the website where you need to create your account and purchase their subscription.

DNA Test

If you get your DNA test done and upload this information to ancestry. then ancestry can give you hints on ancestry website and you can find matching DNA’s information. These hints may help you find family that you never known to. Now since two trees are being synced and two different DNA persons information’s are being uploaded and synced by family tree maker on Here ancestry may create bug in your system.

This is where creates a fake(different) ID then you have. For example, if you are id is Ancestry creates another id as This means your tree will not be synced. When you update your information on family tree maker. There is one way you can upload your merged tree online but if you want to update anything to the tree. You will have to log in to your instead updating anything on family tree maker software.

If you are not sure, what to do about syncing your merged tree. Please call us on our family tree maker support number +1-888-299-3207. We provide premium technician service for family tree maker software. We also fix ancestry issues with family tree maker so call us.

You can check our latest blog if you are interested to know weather sync report.

Syncing problem with FTM 14.1 – Family Tree Maker 14

Custom report in Family tree

In this blog, you will learn how to fix syncing problem with FTM 14.1 and why you are not able to connect your FTM14.1 to ancestry account online. You will also learn how to fix this problem step by step.

There are couple of reasons, which could cause Syncing problem with FTM 14.1

  • Did you change your ancestry account ID?

Please check if you have same email address or user ID for ancestry or you have changed. If you have changed and If you are using different email address, then you may need to speak to ancestry and request them to update your email address.

  • Have you changed your ancestry account password?

If you have changed your password, you will need to put the right password so you will be able to login to your account in FTM. You may need to reset the password and login using new password. You will need to update your user id and password in FTM software not on your computer browser.

  • Are you using expired/active antivirus program?

sometime your firewall could also stop communication between your FTM software and internet so please check that. If you find any expired antivirus program, you should remove that. If you have an active antivirus and firewall program, you will need to disable the antivirus or allow FTM program in your firewall so your software can communicate with internet.

  • Check for updates, sometimes your software needs to be updated as well.

MacKiev sends you update occasionally, so you need to make sure to check the updates and update your software. You should also think of upgrading your software from Family Tree Maker 14.1 to Family tree maker 2017. If you are using an outdated software, it may not function properly and may give you lot of trouble.

Please call Family tree Maker support if you need any help. Please read our another blog How to Update 23.2 for FTM 2017?