When is Family Tree maker 2019 Upgrade?

Are you a family tree maker software user, then you must be wondering and wanting to know about the release status of Family tree maker 2019 software upgrade.

Here are few things that you should know about Family tree maker 2019 upgrade:

Do you use Family tree maker 2017?

Only user who has purchased family tree maker 2017 are eligible to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2019. if you have, then you are eligible for family tree maker 2019 upgrade. Have you not purchased family tree maker 2017? Please go ahead and purchase it first.

Should you upgrade from FTM17 to FTM19?

Right now you have chance to upgrade it so you should. As per our experience after some time MacKiev stops updating their older version of software. This is what happened in FTM14 case. They stopped FTM14 to connect to ancestry and lot of customer was affected by it. You are also getting a good discounted price to upgrade so you should upgrade it. You can still be able to use FTM17 if you do not wish to upgrade it.

Have you pre-book your software license for Family Tree maker 2019?

If you have not pre-book your software license, then you should go ahead and pre-book it. You will get 40% discount now. Please click the link.

Is TreeVault Services good?

Since it is free with Family tree maker 2019. You should go ahead and get it. Later if you think, you do not need TreeVault then you should not renew it. If you are using ancestry, then I do not think you will need it but as I said later you can decide that.

What does TreeVault service do?

TreeVault keeps a back of your family tree data. If you lose your family tree data. You can easily restore all your file using TreeVault service.

When will it be available?

As per MacKiev, it will be available for user to download end of this summer (End of July or End of August). Please call us at our Family tree maker support help number +1-888-299-3207.

8 thoughts on “When is Family Tree maker 2019 Upgrade?”

  1. Now October and not even the courtesy of an update on the FTM 2019 release. I’m beginning to regret pre-paying for this software and am also beginning to question the integrity of this company. Lousy Customer Service!

    1. Did you not get an email, Daniel? You will get your copy of software soon. If you want, you can chat with MacKiev and see the status of your order.

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