Sync & Not Sync with Familysync in Family tree

There are various things which get synced with Familysync in Family tree maker, however, some of the stuff does not get sync with the FamilySync. Down below is the list of the items which gets Sync with FamilySync and which also don’t get synced with FamilySync. When you have multiple user then FamilySync helps you a lot. Three users can keep uploading data to one place.

Things gets synced with FamilySync: –

  1. Name of the People
  2. Relationships
  3. Sources
  4. Facts
  5. Citations
  6. Repositories
  7. Media

Things which do not gets synced with FamilySync: –

FTM 2017 data does not sync up to Ancestry

  1. Private Information
  2. Source Media
  3. Media
  4. Notes
  5. Places
  6. Facts
  7. Stories
  8. Tasks
  9. Saved Chart
  10. Person Links
  11. Color Coding

Ancestry data that does not sync to FTM 2017:

  2. Pages related to Military
  3. Results belonging to DNA
  4. Photo Tagging
  5. Web links
  6. Location
  7. Original Uploader
  8. Documents type or Certificate type
  9. Name on headstone/Birth/Death/Cemetery Headstone
  10. Transcription of text

There are other changes which you must bear in mind with FamilySync

  1. Paragraph breaks disappear
  2. The home person is not changed
  3. Media Linked to a relationship
  4. Resolve Conflicts Dialogue
  5. Repositories
  6. New Person
  7. Picture of the person
  8. Facts like dates, names, places, descriptions are labeled the same in FTM and trees on
  9. FTM & Ancestry handle source citation differently.
  10. Family Tree Maker allows a single citation to be linked to facts from multiple people. This mean you can not put multiple citation.
  11. Ancestry, online database, do not allow single citation to a single person.
  12. When a tree is uploaded from FTM to Ancestry, the tree on ancestry will replicate the citations that are shared with multiple people in FTM so that each person has their own citation in

In case, your Familysync in Family tree does not work or gives you hard time use this service. We suggest you to call our support number to get help. Our expert will help you to set up FamilySync feature.

For more info regarding FTM you can read our previous blog ” Problem sync family tree maker “

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  1. Why isn’t my Family Tree Maker 2017 syncing with Ancestry any more? It has been approximately a couple months since it synced and I keep getting the orange weather. I’ve deleted my family tree and reinstalled the backup to the sync but still doesn’t work.
    Margie Bell [email protected]

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