Problem Syncing Family Tree Maker 2017

In this blog we have explained how to fix problem syncing family tree maker 2017. Due to high traffic on the Family Tree Servers sync is affected. It may give you the errors or slow down the sync process. When you face problems in viewing the tree in Family Tree Maker 2017 there is a possibility of you not able to sync your trees as well. It is hereby requested, to wait for some time and try it later.

There are several issues which may come up while syncing: –

  1. Internet Issues
  2. Sync Change Log Issues
  3. Software Issues
  4. Media Sync Issues
  5. Restore Issue
  6. Re-Download Issue
  7. Syncing FTM to Ancestry

Internet Issues

Various internet service providers have different connection speeds. The variation in internet speed may cause a problem with syncing, which however is a natural phenomenon. There are several kinds of internet connections:

  • Dial-Up Connections – Slowest
  • Satellite Connections – Variation in speed
  • Cable Connections – Overall good but may slow down during peak hours.

So, try to opt for the best internet connections available to make sure you don’t have any issue.

Sync Change Log Issues

If you see that the change is considerably huge and which you did not have made in the Sync                     Change log window, you may better contact the technical support for immediate help. Since our experts are well versed with such issues, so they better find out if what exactly is going wrong.

Software Issues

There is some software mainly the security-related software like Antivirus, Firewall, etc. may affect the sync on Family Tree Maker. Since these software checks on downloads and uploads and while syncing Family Tree Maker it may check on those downloads and uploads and hence may block the activity and result in some error in sync. You must contact the technical support immediately. This could be one of the problem syncing family tree maker 2017.

Media Sync Issues

Those beautiful and rare pictures of your ancestors and of course their stories in your family tree sync separately from the rest of the information. More of those photos and stories the longer the sync time would be. There are options to check the media downloading progress to make sure it is completed. it could be one of the problem syncing family tree maker 2017.

Restore Issue

The good practice of using the family tree maker is to back up the date periodically. The latest back up should be full and frequent. Persistently having a problem with syncing? Go ahead and restore the most recent full backup.

Re-Download Issue

Don’t have a recent backup? You can go for re-download your tree as a new one. In one of the scenarios, where there is information in your Family Tree Maker that has not yet been synced, but you have had to re-download the tree as a new FTM tree to fix the sync issue.

Syncing FTM to Ancestry

Let’s says you can sync the information but not able to backup or you are not able to upload and link your tree from within FTM. In this case, you would have to contact the technical support number to speak to the expert who can check and guide you with the best possible solution.

You can also read our previous blog for more info related family tree which is “how to update 23.2 for FTM 2017.

4 thoughts on “Problem Syncing Family Tree Maker 2017”

  1. Since I lost my hard drive some months ago, I need to redownload my family trees on to Family Tree Maker installed on my repaired computer. However, when I’ve tried to do that intermittently over the past few weeks, the warning appears that the weather report is orange, and that caution is advised. When will I be able to download my trees without this concern? I don’t want to take any risk that I could lose data or information on

  2. I have persistant syncing issues. FTM 2017 has been orange for 2 months. I lost data from many hints the last time I had to restore from an older tree. it worked for a while. Now I cannot sync again. This happens every time I enter data directly in FTM. I set the discrepancies to manual and it fails. I change to FTM over writing and it fails. How can I tell where it is hanging up?

  3. I bought 2017 before it was up and running. Then I found out that it wouldn’t be ready till sometime in 2018. still haven’t got my disc and it is Nov of 2019. Now for one and half months I get an orange weather report that wont go away and is extremely slow and locks up. Tree will not let me send a sink report to familytreemaker. If I see it right maybe they want everyone to go and buy 2019 to solve the problem. why don’t you get it fixed. More then unhappy

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