Family Tree Maker for Mac Connection Problems Resolved

Family Tree Maker for Mac Connection Problems Resolved

We are aware that there are a lot of ‘Family Tree Users’ who
are experiencing various issues regarding inappropriate Family Tree internet
connections for their Mac devices. And if you are one of those users that are
facing the same issue then you would surely be glad to know that we have just
resolved all the internet connections. 
The Family Tree Maker has been updated and you too can avail it now.

So, here you will be how to solve the internet connection
issues following a step-by-step guide mentioned below.

v The first thing that has to be done
is the update of your Family Tree Maker. For this, you would have to close out
of your Family Tree Maker, and then go to re-open it.

v You will now see that there is a
notification saying that ‘An update is available for your software’

v Now you just need to give a click on
the ‘Install Update’ option that is displayed on the current screen.

v After you find that the installation
has completed successfully then you will have to sign in to your ‘Ancestry
account’ once again.

v You would also be glad to know that
you can do this on the ‘Web Dashboard which is the Plan Workspace of your

v You should have a check on the
software that it is all set and ready, for this you will need to select the ‘go
online’ option which you will find in the ‘File’ menu itself.

v Just in case you do not get the
prompted message to install an update then kindly go directly to the ‘Family
Tree Maker’ menu provided and from here you will have to select the option
‘Check for Updates’ and you’ll be good to get started.

Our suggestions 

You must be feeling so relaxed now that you have learned how
to check for the updates and do it next time all by yourself. But if you still
face issues and aren’t able to work consistently then our team of experts is
right there to guide you any time of the day. You just need to contact the
Customer support team and have the problems resolved instantly.

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