A link isn’t working in any browser for ancestry.com

Sometimes you want to click on the link and go to ancestry.com and work on ancestry.com but if there is a problem with either your firewall or browser, You will have the hard time to reach to your link on ancestry.com. Here are a few things that you should do just to look into it and see if these steps fix your problem.
Cleaning up your internet browser
Internet Explorer –
Press and hold Windows Key and R together and you will see a small box called run on the screen. Please type in the box inetcpl.cpl and press ok or press enter. You will have internet properties. Please check the box that says “delete browsing history on exit” and click on delete. You will have another popup with a few checkboxes, you need to check all the checkboxes and leave “password” checkbox. If you do check password box as well it will remove all the passwords that you have saved on your internet explorer. Click on “advanced Tab” which is on the very top right corner. Please click on restore advanced settings and click on reset. You will see another popup on the screen, please click on reset and you are done cleaning up your internet explorer. Most of the time family tree maker uses internet explorer so I am sure you do not have to clean up any other browser but if you would like to please follow the steps below.
Google Chrome – Press and hold CTRL and H, You will see chrome history. Click on clear browsing data and click on advanced. Check all the boxes and leave password box alone. Click on clear data. If these steps do not work and you need help from FTM Support or ancestry.com support. You should call on family maker support number +1-800-697-1474 or you call on FTM support number +1-800-697-1474. Our professional will look into the issues and fix it for you.

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