How to upgrade Family Tree Maker 1995/2005 to Family Tree Maker 2017?

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First thing you need to do is to purchase new version of
family tree maker 2017. (A newer version of family tree maker 2019 is upcoming so
you need to decide if you want to wait or you want to get FTM17).

How to buy?

You need to go to in order to purchase this software.
Please follow the link and you will get discounted offer by

How to install Family Tree Maker?

Please follow the link – Click here

How to import old family tree maker file to new version of its software?

Please follow the steps below.

1st – Open old FTM.

2nd – Click on file.

3rd – Click on back-up and restore.

4th – Now you need to choose the location to save
this file.

5th – go to you new family tree maker software.

6th – click on file.

7th click on open or you can click on browse.

8th select the file you want to open.

That’s done, you have your family tree file opened and now you can start working on it. New FTM 17 has more feature than you had in 1995 version or 2005 version. If you are not able to understand the software, then you should read blogs or read companion guide and follow the steps. 

There are other ways to do it as well. If you do not have old software but you have backed up your information that mean you will have to install the 2005 starter edition which is free provided by

If you do find difficulties installing the software, you can call our Family Tree Maker support +1-888-299-3207 and get on of technician to do everything for you. Please do take a note, we are premium support and we charge for our services. We do not have any relationship with or Please read our terms and conditions before you take our services.

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  1. Now that FTM 2019 is out, if I just purchase it, can I still convert my FTM 5 file to 2019 so that I don’t loose attached documents and pictures like you do with a GEDCOM file?

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