How to Print My entire Family tree on a single page online?

How to Print My entire Family tree on a single page online?

Have you’ve been looking for some solution to know how to print your entire Family Tree on a single page online and you tried to attempt doing it yourself but could not do so. 

Well, just take it easy as here you will be rendered with the most top quality solutions and you will get started only after you have completed the steps below.

 First of all, you need to login to your site.
 Then, you are required to go to the option called’ family tree’ tab.
 There you have to select ‘more’ icon.


Now, after that, you have to choose the option for ‘print charts and books’.

After doing so, you need to visit the next page. There you are supposed to make a new chart.
 For making a chart, you would have to first go to the ‘All in one’ chart type. There just include all the individuals to the chart for your tree.
 Now, after making the chart, you have to go for a single page option for printing purposes. But make sure to print according to your requirement, if your chart is too large, then you are suggested to go for multiple pages, or you can just use the professional service for printing the chart.
 Next, you have to choose the individual to whom you want the chart to be centred around.
 You can also edit the font, colour, and quantity of facts, by using ‘facts of individuals and ‘chart style’.
 For more preferences, you can go for ‘advanced customized options’ which you can easily find at the right upper side of the page.
 Finally, you have to select ‘show all generations’ options in your chart.

 Lastly, tap the ‘generate chart’ icon and you are done with the process.

Last steps

 After creating the chart, an email will come with a link to you by using it; you can download the PDF file, and then you can print it.

 You can also go to the ‘My charts’ page which you can find under the ‘charts and books’ sections.

 And in case if you want your chart to print professionally by using our service, then just go to the ‘order poster’ link and for saving it, go to ‘view pdf’.

Now that you are done with the above steps you should be able to get started. But if you come across any issues then you must dial us right away at Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207 and you will get the guidance of the experts here.

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