How to Prepare for Family Sync 101

The greater accomplishments using FamilySync instead of TreeSync is a user no longer need to break the links.  It is because each Ancestry tree can be linked to many Family Tree Maker Trees, so it is hence no longer required to break the old link to download a tree to a new device like a laptop or desktop.

The need for Family Sync arises when the Family Tree Maker software is being used on more than one device. Say for instance if a user has a daughter and he/she want his/her daughter to use the Family Tree Maker on a different device there is no need to re-upload and download your FTM tree if it’s already linked to an Ancestry tree from one computer. That is going to be a hectic process and time consuming and involves breaking the old link.

Moreover, by using the Family Sync instead of TreeSync, any change to an Ancestry tree, whether from your laptop or mobile device, will sync with your Family Tree Maker tree.

For example, when a user installs the Family Tree Maker 2017 on a new device, he/she may think to break the old link and then download a new fresh copy on to your new computer. It is hereby recommended not to do that.

Don’t think of breaking that link to move your tree to a new device. You can instead, make a backup on the old computer and move it to the new computer on a USB flash drive and restore it there.

The right way of doing it is to copy a backup (.ftmb file) to the other computer with a flash drive and restore it. Both copies will be linked to the same Ancestry tree.

In the end, both the tree will be linked to the same ancestry tree and you will be able to save a lot of time uploading the tree and then downloading it.

That’s what is the FamilySync. Multiple devices. One Ancestry Tree.

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