how to merge two facts in family Tree maker?

This article is for those user who has been facing issues to merge two facts in Family Tree maker. we have explained, how to perform this task.

Yes, it is possible for family tree maker use to merge two facts in Family Tree maker 2017. Please follow the instruction below and you will be able to merge all the duplicate facts or two facts which has different value.

If you are a user of Family Tree maker 2017, then you will need to follow the steps below.

  • Open Family Tree Maker 2017.
  • Select the tree you want to work on.
  • Open the fact, you think has two or more facts.
  • Right click on fact and there is option “Merge Duplicate Facts”
  • This is how you can merge two facts.

Note: Before you perform this merge duplicate facts option, you will need to read the information properly. Because once you merge the information, you may not have access to the other information.

For example – You have two birth places for one person, and you would want to merge these two places as one. So here you will have to select only one place and that information will stay in your FTM.

One thing Family Tree maker user should always remember to do, backing up your Family Tree maker each time you are making a change in it. So, if anything goes wrong, you will always be able to restore your data back to previous back up. You can back up your data on either external hard disk or you can save it on cloud based back up.

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