How to make your own family tree?

  1. Get organized.

If you start looking into your older stuff or in your storage that has all your old stuff, you may find a lot of things useful. Make sure to keep a notebook and a marker so you can give any useful item a code or a name, so it will be easier for you to update it in your tree. A photograph is very useful to update your family tree maker.

  1. Talk to Family.

If you speak to your family about your ancestor, you may get a lot of information especially from an elderly member of your family. Speak to as many as relatives you can. It will help you make your family tree better and larger. You should ask questions from elderly people, try to get to know about the date of births or marriage date or death of person date. You also need to make sure to understand which side of the family you want the tree to be built on. Let says, you want the tree to be in your name, so your father side branch must be there, and your mother side of the branch must be there. So, your both side of grandparent’s information and their ancestor’s information’s are important.


  1. Expert help

If you are stuck somewhere it is advised to take someone help, then sitting and doing nothing. So, if you get stuck somewhere while building your tree and you aren’t sure what to do, I would suggest taking an expert advice. There are a lot of people who are expert in genealogy and can help you build your tree. Some experts charge for their service and some experts don’t charge anything to help you. If you need an expert advice to help you build your family tree maker, you can always call family tree maker to support +1-800-697-1474.

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