FTM 2017 Add 100’s Of Facts: – User Question & Answer

One of the family tree maker users asks us this question

FTM 2017 and FTM 2019 has started a new fact section which normally goes into the regular fact item provided in the FTM 2017 and 2019 software. I don’t know how to use these categories and if this is an issue then how to fix this issue properly?


Well, when I hear this question, I researched this. So I am going to put my views along with some interesting facts along the way.

Well, if the family tree has added fact category in the FTM 2017 software then it is for a purpose. All you need to do is to learn about the facts category FTM 2017 has introduced in the software.

As we know FTM 2017 offers you many different facts so why to put all the facts under one category. You can put similar facts in one category. This thing has been added to make the FTM 2017 software more user-friendly.

With the help of the fact category, you can easily find out the data you have saved in the category.

The main purpose of adding this category is to provide you with more elasticity in using the FTM 2017 software.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to save your FTM 2017 files in the different category. You can use only one category or you can merge the category you want to merge.

The biggest advantage of the FTM 2017 merge option is that you can choose the files you want to merge or the files you don’t want to merge.

You can work according to your requirements in the family tree maker software

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