How to find information on the family tree


There are many ways for you to find your family information and I will let you know the easiest one. You don’t have to set up an internet connection to access the internet from your home. You can go to a library or a research center in your community. We need to access the database and websites for you to get you started for genealogical research. I will list the websites that you can go to find details about your family, not just the information you can get the certificate from these websites that confirm the information is correct. Please find the website’s information below.


To use these websites, you need to sign up and some of their services are premium, so you suppose to pay for their premium services. All these websites have a good amount of information that can give you detailed information about your ancestors or past family details. These websites also help you create an online family tree. is the best-recommended website, also works with family tree maker very well.

You can also start with obituaries

It wiser to start with obituaries. Obituaries can be a good source of information that you can collect about a different family. Incorporating parents, other family members like cousins, spouses, and date of birth, date of death and location etc.

Search death indexes

Because of privacy reason or monetary restrictions, death records are prohibited to publish online but if you go to the concerned authority to know about a currently deceased person, you may get information.


Check out cemetery

There are a lot of websites who put death records of a person with a cemetery name, person name, photographs


There are many other ways to find ancestors information, but these are a slow process and takes a long time for you to research or find more about your family past. As far as I know, we suggest going to and research.  If you need an expert advice, please call Family tree maker support or support.

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