Family Tree maker 2017 Amazing Features You Must Know

learn features of Family Tree Maker. This software makes easier to explore the history of your family, secure your tradition.

Are you new here? so this blog will make you happy tas you will learn more of family tree. And this will help you simply grow your family tree so go right ahead and use this software. if you are skilled you can go for the more advanced tools.

Product features of family tree maker, features of family tree maker

Introduce a digital version of the Companion Guide

build up your tree with reports, photos, charts and more

With the help of FamilySync®, you can Update your tree

see the history of family timelines and interactive maps

build your family tree easily



color coding


You can make powerful revelation by applying up to eight colors to a single person in your tree. We


hope you’ll like the simple color coding. You can start coloring all the four lines


With a single click on four colors of your choice for Ancestors. The first color group is the

Classic set made famous by Mary Hill.

You can then add color for the particular attribute like who is the professor or who is the businessman.

Now you need to index it and can color it.

How to sync your family tree maker?

It is simple. You can sync your family tree with the help of the laptop. Now if you are thinking how to do that? Well, you know you can link ancestry tree to multiple family tree.

If you have three devices and if they are in three different location, you can sync your tree from all these different location. so you will not lose your data if you working from one location and moved to another.


Know the weather with the sync?

The whether sync gives you the pop up if there is any problem with your system. so before sync your tree, you will come to know there is a problem.


There are three possibilities for it to happen. They are: –

If the sync system is down then you will see the red window

Orange window opens in the case of caution. It makes you know that there may be some problem.

The green window indicates that everything is Ok. You can move ahead and sync your family tree.


The easiest way to recover old faded photos,

If you are a non-FTM 2017 user then you need to switch to the FTM 2017 version. It has a tool which allows you to recover your old faded photos.

The tool makes the old faded photos and makes them print like they were just printed.


Search, Match & Merge in Family Tree Maker

Now you can easily search for the file, match it according to your needs and then merge it so you can make your tree beautiful. Now in FTM 2017, you don’t need to do all the hard work.

Features of Family Tree Maker


Follow the hints

Now you can search for the file by just hinting something to the software and all you need to do is to follow the link. so it is easy for user and merge information.


Media Organization in FTM 2017

Manage your media easily in the FTM 2017. All your data will be managed with ease in the new FTM. So go ahead and enter your media.


Guide to know about the software

The guide offers here gives you all the information about the software.

Put your ancestors on the map and get access to the satellite view to see the map. so you can place your ancestors where you want to.

This is all for family tree maker software. Keep in touch to know more about the FTM software.

Read more about how to install family tree maker software in the easiest way in our new article so keep reading our blogs.

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