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Descendant chart table issues – Family Tree Maker

In this article, we have explained how to fix issues that you may face when you create a descendant chart.

Below image is an example of the issue that you may face.

To fix this issue, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Open family tree maker software.
  • Open the tree and select the person name, you want to create report of.
  • Please click on the link according to what shown in the picture below.
  • This is where you will get all the option to change your “descendent chart” box and line styles.
  • You can create deferent styles and save It of future as well.
  • You can change the font size and styles from here too.
  • If you are facing this issues then, you should not use saved settings. Because if saved settings are wrong that mean you will keep using the wrong settings.

You can click on the icon shown in the picture below and select default settings.

Once you select default settings, it will erase all your settings and charting will be done as per default settings of family tree maker.

If above options do not work, then please follow the steps below.

  1. Check for windows update. If your windows update is not working. Please fix them up as your computer files should be up to date. If your windows updates are up to date, then please follow the second step.
  2. Press the shift key and hold it down and while you are holding it down, open Family tree maker software. You will have two options select the “temporary default settings”. This will open your FTM in default settings that mean all your settings will be changed and will be back to normal.

If this does not fix your problem, then you should contact an expert. You can call us as well on our Family tree maker support toll free +-800-697-1474.

Note: We charge for our services, we have no relationship with Mackiev or ancestry. Please note we are an independent company. Please read our terms and condition before proceeding for your services.

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