Cannot open this file : Family Tree Maker Error

Learn how to fix error “can not open this file in Family Tree Maker software.

Note : This article is about windows operating system error that you may get on the software.

If you are reading this article that mean, your family tree software isn’t working. If you are getting an error that says, “cannot open this file” (This file cannot be opened by this edition of Family tree maker. File was created in older version of software or file is corrupted).

Please follow the steps if you are facing this problem, hopefully my blog will guide you to fix this problem.

Before you start working on this, please check for this information if you have. It will be easier for you to fix the problem.

  1. Do you have an ancestry account? If Yes, did you upload your tree information to ancestry recently.
  2. Did you back up your FTM file to any external drive recently?
  3. Did you back up your FTM to computer manually to any different location?
Steps according to question 1:

If you have an ancestry account and if you have uploaded your Family Tree files to ancestry recently then clear all the files related to FTM and download tree from ancestry. This is the best way for you. It will download all your media file and all your tree file.

Steps according to question 2:

If you have back up file on an external hard drive, delete all existing file that you have on your computer. Insert your external drive and copy all the data. Import in your family tree as new tree. If you have not uploaded your FTM data on ancestry and if you have an account with them. You should upload your FTM file to ancestry. This will make sure, you don’t lose your hard work.

Steps according to question 3:

If you have backed up your FTM to a new location and if you are sure of it then Please delete all other existing file and upload the back up that you have from different location in the same computer.

If you are not sure and if you want a technician to help you fix this problem. Please call our tech and ask them to help you. Please know, we charge for our services. If you are looking for free support, try to call Mackiev or Ancestry. We have no relation with Mackiev or ancestry.

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