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Last updated on July 6th, 2022 at 10:47 am

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this is our Family Tree Maker Support About us page., We are a group of certified technicians who provide technical support on all brands of computers.

We are the individual Family tree maker support provider and don’t have any relation with other brands. We mainly deal with software-related issues.

About US Family Tree Maker 

How do we work?

We work online for software problems means remotely. For hardware problems, we have an site Certified technician so customers can get full support. We have highly trained technicians. They can resolve all your computer or any kind of software-related issues.

Is it safe to give remote access?

Yes, It is safe. We use Logmein software to access your computer and it is one-time access. You can see us working on your computer while we fix your issues. You can also ask questions if you have. we work under the US data protection act so you do not have to worry.

How long do you take to fix family tree maker issues?

As soon as you allow our customer service to diagnose the problem. They let you know about the time and money involved in the process. If you already have our services then you will not have to pay.

How should I pay for your services?

We are a premium service provider and we charge for our IT services. if you are looking for free help then you should contact MacKiev. Please be aware of the fact, MacKiev does not provide phone or remote support. So if you want to get a technician on the phone and fix your issues remotely, you will need to pay.

Where are you based at? is owned by Tane Innovative Concepts LLC and our company is based at Terrell, Texas United States. Please call Family tree maker support for more information.

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